Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Sweetness

My little sisters are so sweet. :) They both have birthdays coming soon and so we got them some matching outfits to wear with their nieces. I love watching them be together!

They have some fun times. ♥

I decided to try and update the picture we had taken of the 4 little ones when Julia was only 2 wks old. I mean, the girls were dressed cute but I failed to go and put Caleb into something that might have matched a bit nicer. I did it too spur of the moment, yeah, that's kind of how I do everything I do. ;P

I tried to get everyone to look and smile. :D

I don't know how my friend S does it but she always ends up with the greatest shots!
I loved Mercy in this one.
Julia is enjoying chewing on her pink plastic play fork. ;)

Then I get discouraged at how they won't all look...
and don't move cause I can't fit you all in...
and oh, Caleb, the bottom of your socks are dirty so let's take them off...
but it's not going to matter anyways since I won't be able to stand keeping this in color...
since you don't match. :)

Then I try a different angle, hmmm, I might like that...

Baby decides she would like to eat the tablecloth, why not?

But in the end I manage to eek out a handfull that I am ok with.
Ok, so maybe I am happy with them, I mean what else can I be?
It's the best I can do.
And of course I change the color...
which I have found a different way to do sepia on Picasa that I like much better...
and I realized I should angle their heads WHEN I took the picture...
too bad I didn't think of that when I first starting snapping...

What can I say?
They are MY crazy crew and I love them to pieces.
And YES Caleb insisted on having that monkey in every single picture.
He kept putting it up in front of his face saying,
"Mommy, can you see the monkey? Make sure you get the monkey!"
Ah, memories. ♥

This is my baby, just exactly how she is.

And then I played around in Picasa, just for fun.

So, thus ends my randomness. :)
Please don't get scared off, I'm not too crazy of a person.

Happy Monday to you all,

I had forgotten it was a holiday since the only holidays in my husband's book are:
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
And if he could he'd work those too,
so I'm kind of out of the loop when people have the day off.

It's just another day,
but another day to see what God has in store for us!! :)


  1. aw...the pictures are sweet! GREAT attitude to have too btw;-)

  2. Your sisters do look so sweet, Jenifer. The older of the two... Margaret, I think, but I am bad at remembering names, looks just like you!
    These are such sweet pictures. I love them. The second to last one of Julia is absolutely precious! Love it!