Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving morning started off early this year, I had kind of wanted to sleep in but Julia had other ideas. So then Charis came and helped me start cooking in the kitchen.

Charis peeling carrots...gotta love the bed hair. ;)

Julia was quite interested

Then we plopped her in the high chair with a few toys, books are her absolute favorite right now. She prefers real books that she can chew the paper up in but will settle for her crinkle or board books.

Nap #1 at Thanksgiving dinner

Caleb modeling his place setting

Mom thought she was taking pictures with her camera but she had mine, don't you love it when people take pictures of you while you are eating? ;)

Will just cracks me up

Can't tell Amanda and I are sisters can ya?

Yes, I reached over their shoulders with an upside down camera and took their picture.
It looks natural though, and they are both smiling. :D

Then my camera started acting crazy and blurred up the pictures of the children singing in their pilgrim outfits for my grandparents.

Mercy gets stage fright so she just held her brother's hand. ♥

Pilgrim Rush

Can you fit a whole pie in there?!

Our hostess, Aunt Michele with Caleb

Thanks Mom for the Pilgrim outfits!

The children loved wearing them and they were so cute!

luv this

what ya lookin' at?

Mom did some neat projects with the kids this year, one of them was soap carving.

Charles helping Mercy. ♥

GAM & Julia

Soap carving was pretty neat

It was bright outside!

She carved her name on one side...

...and a butterfly on the other.

Daddy aka Papa helping Caleb & Rosie

showing Gigi their creations

::harvest times::

lil lost pilgrim

sweet Charis ♥

"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

She is so joyful!

precious Mercy ♥

::picking flowers::

self portrait ;)

she didn't want to take her pilgrim stuff off

bringing flowers to Mommy

Will talking with Grandpa

GAM helped them cut some pretty flowers

my Grandma and Grandpa

I don't look like my Daddy...

Nap #2

so sweet

Gracie & Mercy

Charles konked out with the baby
I was bummed this turned out burry cause she was so happy. :)
"I'm a little turkey!"

and fingers taste good

Julia & Rosie

Charis, Bella and GAM

she was cracking us up with her expressions!

Charis and Gigi ♥

"little" Charles and Gigi (he's not so little anymore!)
good pic of Mandie, not so great of me, thankful for my sisters ♥
and da Papa :)

Somehow my mom convienently avoided the camera. ;)
I've had this post partially formulated since a couple days after Thanksgiving, lol.
I figured I'd better post it before CHRISTmas gets here.
The other activity we did together was making 4 sided cords on lucets. I didn't get any pictures since Caleb and I were doing it together, he really had fun!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend with your families. :)