Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just for us

Yesterday late afternoon we had a very strong storm blow through. The house shook with the thunderings and lightnings literally right on top of us. The winds kicked up so much we suspected a tornado might blow through. Then as the storm started to taper off one of the children looked out the living room window and spied a rainbow. How exciting! We all ran onto the front porch to see it. And indeed, there was the beginning of a rainbow touching the street right in front of our house just feet away. We decided to see how high the rainbow went and MUCH to our surprise did we then discover that we had an ENTIRE mini rainbow completely in front of our house! If you've never been to our house before it is very special that the rainbow was the exact width of our property. We could see the whole rainbow right there! Caleb put it rightly that we would have never expected God to have given us such a special gift and promise. He truly is wonderful, powerful and glorious! Here is a link to the video that Charles was able to capture of this unexpected special event. We will remember it for years to come!

After the excitement Mercy went and drew a picture of the marvelous creation we just experienced. :)