Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playin' in the Rain

So it's summer in Florida and we've had our fair share of thunderstorms and just rainstorms as well. In the wake of this tropical storm it made me remember to go and pull out these photos from a couple weeks ago. :)

It was a hot muggy day and C & C were playing outside, Caleb comes in and requests that I come outside and spray him and his sister down with the hose (all of our sprinklers are broken! how does that always seem to happen?). Anyways I told him I'd be out shortly. So, not long afterward I take Mercy outside and we get to work. After a short 5 minutes the clouds have rolled in and it starts drizzling. And then it started pouring! The children had actually already had their umbrellas out to shield themselves from Mommy spraying them with the hose and since there wasn't any thunder and lightening I let them know that God had taken over for mommy and they could play in the rain. Boy were they ever excited about that! :)

"I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain, what a wonderful feelin' I'm happy again!" Oops! Did I just say that? heehee ;)

Caleb was doing some funny jigs...he was having a ball!

Ready or not... I go!

Charis was having a blast as well but occasionally she got this look on her face of, "You know what? I think I'm really wet!"

I just loved the sopping, drenched hair-do. ;)

One very happy little boy. :)

And Mercy and I enjoyed watching and taking pictures from the cover of the front porch, although the memories of running around in the rain as a kid almost drew me out there. It was just a little too much for the baby. ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some faces I see...

No, really, I wasn't in the refrigerator. :)

Who you calling monkey girl?!

Not quite sure what caption to put with this...he was thrilled to find these in a bunch of stuff I was cleaning. ;)
Some days I feel as though this is what I look like!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

How old IS Daddy?

Caleb was looking through my wallet last night and examining some of the bills. (I know, amazing I actually had some cash ;) )
I was in the kitchen doing dishes and looked over into the living room when I heard Caleb ask his daddy if he knew George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Charles just replied, "Well, I know of them but I never knew them." You had to be there to get the full effect but it sure was funny! ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Other Day...

Sorry for the absence. :) With the help of my sisters I have been going through all of our clothes storage bins and reorganizing and scaling down what we have. Big job, haven't turned on the computer for days!! Anyway...the other day while C & C were playing on the front porch I grabbed Mercy and the camera and headed to the front yard. Mercy hair is starting to flip on the sides, it doesn't do it everyday and not always on both sides. I had been trying to get a picture of it where it showed up really well but had not been successful...until this picture! I was so excited to get it. :)

She turned 10 months last week which is so hard to believe! Only 2 months more and she will be 1 Lordwilling. She loves to stand up and scoot around the furniture.

I sat her in the chair...

but she was more interested in talking to the dog who was out on her tether. :)

She absolutely loves Charlotte and Honey (who is our cat) and gets super excited every time she sees them. She starts squealing and clapping her hands. And when the cat is in the kitchen eating she likes to crawl up behind her and grab her! Honey has now learned to exit when she sees Mercy coming since she isn't the fondest of having her tail pulled. ;)

Still trying to get that grass though...

"I've had enough pictures! I'm outta here." :)

"Heehee, I'm cute!"

"You can't catch me!"

" do you stand up?"

Sweet baby girl. Now every time she hears the door open at our house she starts saying, "Dadda! Dadda!" and crawls off looking for him. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pig Tails

Now don't get me wrong here, each of my babies have been a blessing and such a joy. God made them each so special, an individual and different in their own little ways. But coming from a family where bald babies are the norm it was an especially fun and unexpected treat for God to send us a baby that had hair this time. :)

I have been enjoying it and a few days ago actually put it up in pig tails!

Granted it wasn't all her hair up but it sure was fun.

And it gave me quite a chuckle to watch her trying to figure out where I had put the pony tails and bows. She is used to the one I normally put up top and has gotten in the habit of trying to pull it out. So when she realized she had something in her hair she reached up to pull it out and got this puzzled look on her face when it wasn't "there". It just made you grin. ;)

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Blueberry Picking

It has already been a month since we went blueberry picking. Time really does fly by! Charis had to be watched closely so that she wouldn't deplete our supply as fast as we were picking them. :)

Rosie doesn't like blueberries at all, not fresh, frozen or baked in anything. Without this motivation of yummy foods to eat later on really has an effect on your picking abilities. ;) But this turned out to be a blessing as she fed Mercy some yogurt and kept her occupied while everyone else picked. She found a tiny little grasshopper while she was sitting in the grass.

He was trying to convince me that he really was picking more than he was eating...

which he was a very motivated picker...

but they were caught red-handed! :)

We had a good time working together.

Aunt Dee was there picking too...

Aunt Margaret was a busy bee.

Aunt Cee kept us moving.

Mercy tried a blueberry...

not bad! :)

That evening they got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Since mom wanted blueberries too we picked for about 2- 2½ hours and came up with a grand total of 37 pounds. I think Caleb ate so many while we were picking and later at night that he probably ingested a pound of berries himself! :)