Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Julia is 7 months

Hi Everyone, it's me, Julia!
Yesterday I turned 7 months old, wow.
I'm a cutie.
I am tons of fun.
Sweetness is my middle name. ;)
Last week I got my first 2 teeth and boy, they were a doozie!
I can sit up pretty well,
but if I fall I fall hard!

I get lots of attention, I wonder why. :)
Mommy loves it when I giggle. Y

I smile and try to grab the camera.

Mommy gave me my first cold, yes, it was her fault. :(
So I have a runny nose and I don't like getting it wiped.
But I have the cutest dimple on only one of my sweet cheeks.
See? I told you I was adorable. ;)
Mommy likes to take pictures of me.

Most times I cooperate and pose pretty.

And then I pose naturally and am just me, Julia, sucking on my finger. Y

Mommy's going to try and put a video of me here.
I can be very loud.
I like to talk and make noises quite a bit...
unfortunately that means in church too. ;)
Of course, I reserved myself while being filmed. :D
Bummer, it keeps messing up.
We'll try the video again later. :)