Sunday, January 3, 2010

Painting Butter Cookies

So the girls and I baked butter cookies one evening in preparation for painting them the next day. Mercy took this picture of Julia that night...I would love to know how she got the Christmas tree lights to look like that, lol. :)

We rolled some into balls and used presses.

Charis ceremoniously put flour on her nose herself. ;)

Mercy looks dangerous...

...actually she was. Behind my back she climbed up a stool I had out and knocked the fillet knife off the counter onto her toe. It poked a little hole in there and it took forever to console her. Well, I think she even woke up crying the next morning where she left off the night before...yah, she keeps us busy. Today she stood up on the breakfast bar stool and fell off face first and did a complete somersault and landed on her back...oh yeah.

Okay, so we were talking about cookies! Charis had a grand time!

The ones we cut out.

Julia came by to lend a helping hand.

So, yeah, I got a little carried away on my paint. I couldn't remember how much to make!


Mercy LOVED it!

Who says Mommy's can't have fun too?!

Charis, very meticulous.

She is a perfectionist.

He is a!


Caleb's work

Charis' work

Miss Mercy

She got creative at the end and painted her face!

Mommy and Juju

Mommy's mess...oops I didn't do mine on wax paper...

...I'm glad this was on wax paper though!

Ah, the clean up.

But the finished product was enjoyable. :)

It brought back so many memories for me.

And I hope it built many with my children!

Did y'all grow up painting butter cookies? If so, do you do them with your children?

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  1. Now your painting turned out really nice! I had to laugh with the difference between Charis and Caleb... it's so much fun watching personalities emerge. Suzanna wanted to copy every cookie I did, but with most things Josiah tends to be more of the perfectionist. When Zanna gets in one of her perfectionist moods though, watch out, because she really wants it perfect or else the world fall apart!:)
    Mercy is definitely a very cute little handfull. You know every family has to have atleast one very daring child. :)
    I love doing cookies with the kiddos too. It makes huge messes, but I have fun memories from doing it when I was a kid and I want them to have those memories too.