Thursday, January 7, 2010


These are the last few pictures from our picnic lunch and bubble time after our field trip to the IMAX theatre at WGV.

It was a fun time together. :)



  1. Looks fun and wow, your sisters are all so grown up! How nice that your children can have good times with all their aunts and uncles.

  2. Well, and wonderful that their grandparents are so close! :) Didn't mean to leave them out. I just know how kids love being around their young aunts and uncles.

  3. Ok, so am I allowed to leave three comments on one post?! :) The picture at the top of your four together is cute. Caleb and Charis look so grown up.

  4. Of course you can! ;) Oh, and btw I didn't mean to be such a copycat with my header picture...I just realized that is the same pose as yours. My kids never want to pose as nicely as yours do though. :) What's your secret?!