Monday, January 28, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just some pictures...

I LOVE pictures! Pictures are fun, pictures are sweet, pictures are memories.

We recently discovered if you put a little bit of bath powder in the tub and turn the jets on it makes a super duper deluxe bubble bath. :)

This has been a special treat for my aching back which, thank the Lord, feels great now! Special thanks to A, for the use of the brace and for all those who prayed for me.

These fingers just taste soooo good...

At Chase Air our phones are always answered by a live person! Daddy has already begun training this member of the family, although, if she answered the phone now I don't think people would be able to understand the language. ;)

Mercy's debut at Uncle Tom's wedding, so pretty. Thanks Aunt Dee for my sweet little bracelet!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hello ~ I'm back. :) So many things have taken place since I've posted last so I'll have plenty to share. I decided to take a break from the 11 loads of laundry and chaotic house to post a few pictures especially for Great Aunt Michele. Hope you enjoy them!

So GAM, you know those blocks you gave me for Christmas???

I really, really like them...

and bubba and sister can play with them with me and not hurt me either! :) Love, Mercy

Dear GAM & Buster, You know that bone you gave me for Christmas?

Well, my daddy has given me one before but I never attacked it with so much fervor as I did this one. It only took me about a week to finish it off...

by the end of the first night I already had it in 2 pieces...

I really, really liked it. Daddy has already had to buy me 2 more! Thank you again.

Love, Charlotte

Sunday, January 6, 2008


We recently went out to visit the Crane family and before we left we got to see their bunnies!
I looked out the window and was able to catch the expression on Charis' face when she looked inside the rabbit hutch and realized what was inside. :)

Sweet baby bunnies
Mrs. Crane said we could hold them,

they sure were soft and cuddly...

and wiggly too...hold tight!

Peter checks one out,

and Timothy,

Samuel wasn't too keen on holding the bunnies though

until he realized they didn't hurt you. :)

Caleb loved getting to see and hold them. He has mentioned before this that he wants a bunny. We started out with a goldfish because I knew the children loved watching animals so much. Well, it didn't stay there. He wanted a dog, daddy fulfilled that by getting one for himself. He wanted a kitty, I told him I wasn't getting him one and he'd have to pray for one. He prayed and a kitty showed up on our porch and adopted us. :) He keeps asking me why we don't have cows, chickens, goats and rabbits. Mommy isn't much of an animal person so I told him we didn't have any more room. ;)

God made such sweet little animals to enjoy...

Thank you Crane's!!!!!