Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Papa

So Daddy, here is a joke for you...I'm sure you are the only one who will get it. ;)

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Pictures...

Blogger isn't cooperating today and so I can't post any new pics. :(

So I figured I would pull out my little notepad that I try to scribble down cute things the children say and share a few. :)

Awhile back Caleb announced at the dinner table that he was going to get Charis! Not too surprising, I know, since most children think that at one time or another but it is still cute when you explain to them that they can't and then they ask you who are they going to marry?! And then Caleb ended it off saying he was going pray for a wife. ;)

Our midwife has been a family friend for many years and is more than just a midwife. Each month she has a little meeting for moms. I hadn't been in awhile but I went recently. C & C are both aware of who "Mrs. Sharon" is and what her vocation is in life. Charis saw me leaving she asked me where I was going. When I told her that I was going to see Mrs. Sharon she said, "Ooooh!! And will you bring back a boy baby?!" (Something they have been starting to ask for. ;) I tell them they have to pray and ask God for one. )

Caleb saw a bird on the ground and informed me that, "That bird has a beak on it's nose and it just beaked the ground." :)

Lately as we are out walking or driving if Charis catches sight of a VW bug she says, "Oh Mommy! That's a pretty car." or "I like that car!" :) I had told Charles this and he replied with his mechanical thinking process of how that is the worst car for breaking down, having problems, etc... So now every time Caleb hears Charis say that he kindly informs her that she shouldn't like that car cause it breaks. :)

Caleb got a bug catcher a little while ago and has been having a great time. It came with a little pair of orange plastic tweezers which he misplaced one day. He came and asked me if I knew where his "pinchers" were. I was like, "Oh, you want your tweezers." He replied, "No Mommy, I want my pinchers. Tweezers are for getting hair out of your ears." Ha! Guess he's seen mommy at work on daddy one too many times... :)

During devotions we will do catechisms sometimes with the children. When we were working on "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Charis made her answer into a concise and emphatic, "No god!" So now, almost every day whether we are doing catechism or not. If Charles even looks at her during devotion she thinks he is asking her a question and says, "No god!" You really have to be there to get the full effect. :)

Before we got the truck painted and lettered Charles got a sample of paint and did a trial run on a old truck door we had. Caleb was with him and helped him as he printed out the logo and stuff and put it on the door to see if we liked it. Well, after we got the truck painted and it was at the shop getting lettered Caleb wanted to know where it was at. I explained to him that now that it was painted we were getting it lettered. He was kind of upset about it being gone and told me that he and daddy could just glue the letters on themselves like they did on the door!

I hope everyone is doing well, I gotta run and get dinner before church tonight!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm 3

We were getting ready to go blueberry picking in June and it's already 80 something degrees outside at 7:30 in the morning and Charis goes and puts a jacket on, gets her glasses and wants you to take a picture of just had to smile. :)

She just loves her kitty cat Honey and tries to carry her as often as she doesn't run away from her!

I had a coupon for $20 worth of free stuff at TCP and Charis was in need of jammies so I used it to get some for her. When we got home she realized that it had a hair scrunchie with it. She said, "Oh!! For my hair?!" I told her, "Yes, it's for you." Then she said, "Now I'll be a mommy!" I wear them all the time but she obviously has never worn one since she really doesn't have enough hair. :) So it's been cute seeing her going around with her hair pulled up in a scrunchie being a "mommy". ;)

And her Daddy thought she was funny and told me to take a picture...anyone else's children ever act like this?! :)

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My husband mentioned the other day that I hadn't posted pictures of his beloved mastiff recently. So here are a few...he loves it when she stretches out like this. :)

As you can see...she has grown...

she only gets to sit in her Daddy's lap on rare occasions...

And if I ever sit down on the floor, as I was while putting together my new school cabinet, she thinks I'm down there to pay attention to her and so she came over and laid in my lap trying to get some petting. :)

Oh, and don't let her step on your hurts! ;)
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Old Pics

The Sunday after July 4th we all dressed patriotic for church. After the evening service I tried to grab a shot of the children together. They were not cooperative!

I wasn't able to get one shot where they were all looking. :)

At me at least, although Caleb was doing a pretty good job even while he was holding on to Mercy who was trying so hard to get down. :)

Charis has been enjoying getting good use out of her umbrella, especially on Sunday afternoons when it's been pouring.

Mercy was much happier when we got home from church. She is so happy with herself that she can crawl over to furniture and pull up. Once she's up she does this happy, bouncy jig thing and wants to let go. Agh!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in May...

yeah, I know, I've been a delinquent blogger. :) Well, anyways, back in May we went to the zoo because Charis and Luke had their 3rd birthdays.

We saw some neat aminals (does anyone else's children pronounce it that way?!). :)

They have a stingray exhibit now and we went to "pet" them. They were slimey so I only touched it once. ;)

When Caleb touched one it jumped out of the water and splashed!

Then we had a special treat of a birthday train ride, thank you Luke!

The children were more excited about riding the train than seeing the animals...

My husband just enjoyed seeing the many species of Carrier equipment while on the train ride. ;)

These guys just cracked me up!

Simple things for simple minds... :)

My little flamingo children, can you stand on one foot?

They have beautiful landscaping at the zoo and these roses were so pretty.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

9 Months

So Mercy is 9 months old today,
she now has her second tooth,
she loves pulling up on everything,
she is crawling everywhere now,
AND she has discovered the dog food bowl!

Yes, she does have a piece in her mouth and yes, I did remove it. ;)

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