Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Man Baby Doll

When I am pregnant I do not generally guess on whether I'm having a boy or a girl.  I'm not one of those people who just know beyond a doubt one way or another.

This last go round if I had been hard pressed to make a guess I would have said that I thought it was a girl.

When little Levi arrived though it took a bit to get used to the fact that it was a he and not a she.  😉

 Well, as he had been interacting more, talking and smiling he just makes us love him all the more.

Since he's just a little guy I didn't have much church type clothes for the size he's in.  I hit up one of the local children's consignment shops for a few things.  Then we played dress up and it sure was fun! 😊

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Miss Joanna Joyce

An unexpected thing happened today.

My newest niece joined us five weeks early.

She is the first child and daughter of my sister Amanda and her husband Troy.

She weighed in at 4# 8oz.  I can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love the 2 yr old

Isaac is completely conversing with us now.  I know all the other kiddos have done it but just hearing those full sentences coming out of his mouth is just.too.cute. I thought I'd record what happened the other day so that I will remember it.

I was on the floor sorting papers for school and Isaac walked up and poured a cup of water on them just because he's 2.  I, with a solemn voice, said, "Isaac."  He didn't miss a beat and said in his cutest little voice, "Charles Terrizzi!"

His full name is Isaac Charles Terrizzi in case you didn't know.  I about died laughing that I must have used his entire name before when he's gotten into trouble (not that that ever happens) and he remembered it!

Two year olds have the cutest accent/language ever.  Although I may have to have him repeat a sentence over and over to get it I love that opportunity.  And whenever we sing hymns at bedtime and he gets to pick it's always "_Amaz-zing Gace!_ Cauze it's my favwit!"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Visit to Chick Fil A

This year I had an extra cow (well 2 I guess!) in my herd.  My youngest brother got to tag along with us and we had our own baby calf addition.

We had a busy day with a family reunion lunch in the morning.  Then we went to see Sister Judy in the hospital and then went to Target for some things.

The evening before I had stayed up late ironing black shirts and cow outfits.  I let a couple kids get double duty out of their black shirts and was just planning on switching the rest of everyone over when we changed at Target.

It wasn't until we were changing that I realized that I had left the rest of my black shirts at home!!!  Oh boo, or moo maybe.  ;)


The crazy 4 yr old cow! 

The cute 2 yr old cow. 

Uncow Rush with Coweb and Mercow. 

The Charis cow...

...and the newest little calf.
Who got the short end of the stick when it came to costumes.  :)

They had a fun day though and we took off our cow stuff and packed it away neatly for next year!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Was looking through some pictures tonight of the last couple months and just had to share this one.

One of Julia's favorite places to be doing one of her favortie things.

She loves holding "Baby Selah" as she calls her.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A review of 2012

To close out 2012 I had thought it would be neat to do a review of some of the year.
I'm always slow at things and many blogs that I read did the same thing in a more timely manner than I!  I really enjoyed the photo collages a friend did so I decided to go that route.
(Sorry to be a copycat Susan!)

  • Julia sharing her birthday hat & backpack with Isaac
  • Sweet siblings holding hands on our morning walks
  • Isaac is hilarious when he sees beggar weeds on anyone's clothes!  He will not rest until he has picked the very last one off.  :)
  • The 5 monkeys enjoying Isaac being big enough to sit with them at the table for breakfast
  • Showing off their cookie flowers from a school project we did
  • Mercy & Isaac sit beside each other in the truck, they often hold hands and it is so precious!
  • Isaac wanted to help the big kids bring in the trash cans one day
  • Caleb & Isaac playing in a load of rocks that my dad had for a project he was doing
  • Julia having trumpet time with her daddy

  • Julia enjoys holding baby Seri at her baby shower
  • Charis loving on Serenity too
  • The children set up a set of bunnies in their sibling order including a baby girl and boy bunny just in case God gave us another baby  ;)
  • Someone's interesting way of setting the table
  • Charis having fun learning to make a potholder
  • Her finished product!
  • Julia proud of her washrag folding
  • Isaac got a bloody nose from a sibling!
  • Math blocks can make fun creations  :)

  • Isaac at the zoo with Simeon
  • 3 girlies at the zoo
  • Cousins enjoying the penguins at the zoo
  • The old truck is still going strong even after 220,000 miles, thank you God!
  • Samuel walking with Isaac at the zoo
  • The Crane crew with us
  • My 5 little monkeys
  • Do little boys ever look at the camera (or phone?)
  • One of the most oddest eggs I have ever seen

  • Someone's masterpiece!
  • This little guy emptied the silverware drawer into the jug of water on the counter...
  • Zonked out when we practiced sitting for church (he has by far been my most challenging child with this!)
  • Breakfast on the porch one morning 
  • Matching brother jammies
  • Isaac eating his "chicken bone" as the kids call it
  • Sweet napping baby boy
  • Super Isaac scaling the shoe shelf!
  • Daddy was trying out the new (loud) duct cleaning machine so Isaac got some hearing protection  ;)

  • My haircutting helpers...not!
  • Cute little man singing in church
  • So tired one day he fell asleep on the potty
  • Siblings make up fun games!
  • Taking a ride in the clothes basket
  • The day I ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving...errr...I mean, the day we announced the blessing of #6 on the way!  ;)
  • The kiddos promptly made Isaac into a "Baby Jesus" for their manger scene
  • Silly kids helping put up the tree
  • Christmas lights at night

Praying you all had a blessed 2012!

Happy New Year!!
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The beach trip that killed the camera...

So way back in April our family took it's first (and what ended up being only) trip to the beach.

We tried out one we had never been to before that you could drive close to the shore and park.

The kiddos had a blast, Isaac loved the sand.  Everywhere you walked though you sunk waaaaay down but Isaac thought the holes were great to look in and apparently crawling like a crab was much more efficient than walking!  ;)

While there we encountered a sand storm and we were literally caught in cloud of sand swarming all around us!

I wanted a group shot so here are our attempts.  Mercy wanted to hold Isaac, he did not want to be held at all and Julia was very upset that she didn't get to hold him.  ;)

So we let her hold him for the next shot and she was happy but he still was not!

The children found a neat little crab they brought home and then someone little snapped this last shot of me unloading the suburban before the camera decided to never work again.

Although I kept it safe in the diaper bag during our trip that sand storm got sand everywhere and ruined the camera. We had hoped to be able to revive it but it never did and we didn't replace it until December which is partially why the blog went blank.  Not a good excuse but one of the reasons why.  I'm hoping to be more diligent this year, we shall see!
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