Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Now just what exactly would you say if you saw this coming towards you in your own house? :)

Hmmm, now there's something to think about! ;)

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Building a Mailbox

Long story about what happened to the old mailbox (no I didn't run it over!) but we needed a new one. I was originally going to do it by myself with Caleb as I had it "all in my head". We were going to use stuff from around the house etc. But I am sooooo grateful that Charles decided he wanted to build it with Caleb because it was broiling outside the days they worked on it. It just took a little bit to be able to get all the plans "out of my head" to where Charles could understand what I had in mind. It was all so clear to me, sometimes it hard to understand why guys can't make sense of what's going on in our lovely female brains! *grin*

So anyhoo, here are my diligent men...

...and no, my husband isn't Japanese (with the socks & flip flops) he just isn't into fashion. ;)

Mixing mortar and smiling for mommy. :)

Caleb was having a blast! Once I told him that we were going to build a mailbox he was asking me non-stop when we were going to begin.

It was HOT! He was so cute taking a drink.

And our munchkins modeling the final product. Family projects are fun!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hose

Last week the kids had some fun with the hose again. I was sitting at the computer and was able to catch a few shots through the window. As you can see Caleb had to figure out how to unwrap himself from around the tree. :)

He was a good shot though once he got that straightened out and Charis was greatly enjoying it. :)

But then he caught sight of me and tried to soak me through the open window...yikes!!!

Charis had a turn spraying Caleb too, he was quick though, but he liked getting wet. But here he is being a typical brother trying to get her to look inside the hose which he has kinked...ahhh brotherly love. ;)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Early Riser

Charis is normally my first one up for the day (actually Mercy still wakes up at 6 nurses and goes back to sleep) but this morning I was folding clothes on my bedroom floor and Charis decided she would pick out all the baby washcloths and fold them for me. :)

Folding diapers is C & C's normal job besides helping load the washer, cycle from washer to dryer and take out dry clothes. She was so cute when she asked me if she could do the washcloths and made sure I handed her every one. I didn't show her how and she did all the first ones correctly, then I think she got confused and she started folding them like prefold diapers...in thirds! :)

After she was done folding she said, "Take a picture Mommy, it looks like a mountain!" :)

Such a sweet little helper. Oh, and I don't know what happened to her head, she didn't come crying to me about it but it appeared after she had played outside with her brother. And yes, as you can tell, my bedroom still does not have baseboards... ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Miss Curly

The masking tape was to do "surgery" on a china doll that had a broken leg. ;) I pulled out the camera to snap of few pics of her hair...when she's fresh out of the bath tub it's just sooo perfectly curly! Well, she decided to peek at me. :)

My baby who had no hair...

...now such pretty little boingy (is that a word!) curls. :)

And therefore she is Little Miss Curly. :)

But like I said, it looks the best right after a bath. After life and stuff it gets a bit more fuzzified like her Mommy, therefore Daddy calls her...Fuzzalina von Curlytop. ;)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sweet Husband

My sweet husband just bought me a new computer for in the house. This way when no one is in the office and he needs me to do something I can actually do it from the house instead of running back to the office to do it on the faster computers!

The catch is: when it arrived yesterday he excitedly unplugged my old one and installed the new one pronto. Well, until I can transfer all my files and pictures off the old computer or upload some new pics from my camera this blog is going to be pretty dull. ;)
Or maybe I should say duller since I'm so bad at updating! :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Smile to Brighten Your Day...

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I turned 11 months old! Mommy can hardly believe it. I am now the proud owner of 4 pearly whites and I am an expert radio wooden horse rider. I can mount and dismount all by myself and go 90 to nothing on the hardwood floor. WHEEEEEEEEEEE I love it! I am always saying & waving "hi" & "bye" to everyone and I love saying "Dadda"! Instead of trying to say "Momma" I have decided to try "more" as my next word. ;) And since everyone has been telling me that my brother & sister walked during their 11th month I have decided to venture 1-2 shaky steps. I'm still not convinced since I can crawl anywhere lickety split. The status of that opinion may have to be updated in my 1st Birthday post. :) Well, I hope all of my faithful blog readers are having a lovely weekend! I know y'all probably stop by here often just to see pictures of me. *grin*

Love ~ Mercy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Living in Florida

I've grown up living in Florida, I know it's hot and has lots of bugs, hurricanes etc. (which other places evidently don't have) but I love it anyway.

With Tropical Storm Fay a little while ago we enjoyed/endured many hours without electricity. One day it was out from 2pm-10pm! Charles has a small generator from when he did new construction and so he plugged it in when the power still hadn't come back on so we could plug in the refrigerator and a crockpot to heat up some canned soup. We had dinner by the light of an oil lamp.

Old Jedidiah Terrizzi

I think having no electricity can make you act a little crazy! ;)

Who says plastic spoons can't be fun? :)

It fell off before Charles could take the picture...

After we unplugged the crock pot Charles plugged in the tv and the kids watched the animated version of Ben Hur. We knew it was a bit risky to plug electronics into a generator but we figured our tv was already on it's last leg anyhoo and it was something fun to do in the dark with no air conditioning!

Thankfully, it looks like Hurricane Hanna might pass us by but the weather men really don't anything so we'll just have to wait, watch and be ready!