Friday, February 8, 2008

My daughter is blond

Charis is a sweetheart but sometimes she can be so blond. :)
Her daddy has been enjoying asking her this question over the past couple of days,
"Charis, do you have a brain?" The normal quick and cute response from her fluffy little head is, "No!" But yesterday after she did her normal, hasty reply she added, "Oh! I do, I do!" ;)

I hired my sisters the past 2 days to come over and help me deep clean and organize the house after the holidays, parties and wedding, etc. They helped me eradicate "piles" which I have a terrible habit of creating. After they had gone I was putting away a few more things and Charis brought in this purple sweater and asked if it was hers. I told her that it was Mercy's. She was like, okay, and walked out of the room. In about 30 seconds she returned with it on (I was amazed she could do it) asking for help in getting it off. Below is the proper fit for this little sweater. :)

The blanket and sweater were lovingly made by Sarah & Rebekah Logan.


  1. Oh this is hilarious Jenifer!! I showed Sarah, Rebekah & Mom...and we were all laughing. My questionw as "HOW" did Charis get that sweater on? I'm sure you were asking the same thing. We figured she's the type of girly-girl who loves anything soft & furry! :) Wow, you did accomplish a lot today...3 blog posts??!? What on earth is happening?? Just kidding!!

    Love you!
    Ruth Ann

  2. Oh, Charis' story is funny. She's such a sweet girl even with those blonde moments. :)
    Mercy is growing up too fast! She's just trying to catch up with the other two.