Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it still winter or is it spring?

Ah, Florida weather. Every day is different, we've seen high 30's to mid 70's all in the same week! The flowers in my front flower bed don't know whether it is time to bloom or not. :)

My little miniature rose bush ~

I just love my gerber daisies! This one is normally a pastel pink with lime green highlights but being it's first flower this season I guess it doesn't know what color to be. ;)

We have 2 holly trees on our property that I really do like, they are just so beautiful when they are loaded with red berries. My pear tree is normally in full bloom with delicate white flowers by now but it is being stubborn. I went and looked closely at it today and saw that there are buds on it so I can hardly wait!

No, I'm not doing what you may think I am. ;) I'm just trying to get my fingers in my mouth and ended up being super cute. :)

1 comment:

  1. Mercy is adorable!! :-)

    Your gerber daisy is funny..."doesn't know what it is supposed to be..." Well anyhow, flowers are pretty and maybe one of these days it'll be the right color!!

    Thanks for the updates!!!