Monday, February 11, 2008

Goin' bowlin'

So completely out of the blue and spur of the moment we decided to go bowling last week. I can't really even remember how we got the idea but Charles and I both calculated that it had been at least 13 years since either of us had been bowling! We actually went to an alley in St. Augustine, when we got there there was only one other lane being used so we really had the whole place to ourselves...nice!
They gave the children a light ball, they were thrilled that it was orange. :)

Daddy helping Caleb.

Charis was going bananas over the machine spitting out the ball over and over, I thought it may be another "blond" moment...

but Caleb thought it was neat also, but then again, he's blond too. ;)

Daddy helping his little girl.

Caleb tried it by himself.

He had a lot of fun but it did take the ball at least 30 seconds or more to reach the pins!

I was there too. :) We were so glad they put the bumpers up for the children, we needed it just as much as Caleb & Charis! It would have been a boring game without them (i.e. a lot of gutter balls). ;)
I didn't realize I was this zoomed but Charis is having a fun time with the air vent...

simple things for simple minds. :)

Gotta love those highly fashionable bowling shoes.

Our sweet little gang.


  1. You have me beat - definitely!! I have NEVER been bowling in my entire life. :-) That would be, I haven't been bowling in 20 years. Sounds/looks like y'all had some fun family time. I like the last pic of the children. Very cute - Mercy's eyes are ((most)) always bright wide open and pretty!

    Love ya!
    Ruth Ann

  2. I love the expression on Charis' face watching the ball come out. :)

  3. aw...we love going bowling and it reminds me we haven't gone in a few months! I can't wait till Danny is old enough to take with us...your children are so adorable and the expressions they make are priceless!!

  4. Hey Jenifer,
    Sorry I can't figure out the identity thing so I just clicked anonymous.
    Charis is so hilarious! I love the picture of her so excited about the ball coming out. :) What bowling place did you guys go to? They are usually so grungy, but the pics of this place look like it was nice. :) Talk to you later,