Friday, February 8, 2008

Growing up too fast

Mercy is growing up way too fast. She has outgrown the bassinet so reluctantly (on my part) as we cleaned yesterday we cleared out the bottom of the pack-n-play for her to sleep.

As soon as it was set up some munckins discovered it...

mischievous monkeys. :) No, Mercy is not in there with them!

But here she is, the rightful occupier of the bed. :) She is now a traveller, she has room now so she is scooting all around during the night.

1 comment:

  1. The pic of Caleb & Charis in the pack-n-play is so cute. Isn't it funny how little ones seem to gravitate toward the clean spot that you just straightened? I guess us older ones to do, but we're so busy going on to the next thing that we don't always just sit down and enjoy it. :) Whenever we would clear off the table, or clean the floor of a room, Mary would be there within minutes, looking at a book, playing with some toys, etc,.. She always found those "clean spots" very quickly, and appreciated them very much!!

    That's cute that Mercy is now scooting around her bed. Hey mom! You finally gave her room to be able to do that!! *heehee*

    Have a great night. :) (the rest of it anyway!)