Monday, February 18, 2008


So I started to post a longer post on Valentine's Day but when I realized I didn't have enough time I just did a quickie (that is a word isn't it?). ;) But then when I went back to finish and publish it the blog put it back when I started writing it! ( See "Is it still winter or is it spring?" posted before "Happy Valentine's Day!") Oh well, I'm still trying to figure this out. ;)

Life has been overwhelmingly busy the past 3-4 months. It has been filled with birth, death, holidays, marriage and milestones.

October 5th ~ Mercy Ameris was born

October 31st ~ Baby Grant went to be with Jesus

November 2nd ~ Saw the day when little Noah was due to be born

November 15th ~ My grandfather went to be with the Lord

November 18th ~ Celebrated the Pappas' 50th wedding anniversary

November 23rd ~ Thanksgiving

December 1st ~ Emily's wedding shower in Williston

December 23rd ~ Christmas Fellowship & Family Sharing Time at church

December 25th ~ Jesus' Birthday!

January 5th ~ Emily's wedding shower in Jacksonville

January 7th ~ Baby Jacob Christian went to be with Jesus

January 14th ~ Homegoing service for Jacob

January 19th ~ Tom & Emily's Wedding

February 2nd ~ Logan's 25th wedding anniversary & Grandpa Smith's 72nd birthday party

February 10th ~ Fellowship celebrating the Pappas' 30 years of faithful service to our church

to present ~ just trying to get over this bug going around and take care of the house!!

Thanks to Ruth Ann and others I will be able to post some pictures from the events listed above so there will certainly be no shortage of posts!

Night night.


  1. Wow, there is alot that has happened.

  2. I can't wait!! I'm so excited to see pictures published. :) *haha*

    There has been a huge mixture of things in these past several months though, and even though there has been excitement, there has also been soberness as we have seen quite a few deaths, or passing on to the better land. Always helps to keep in perspective.

    So, it was nice to see you'd posted!! That was interesting about your other post, but at least it is still there!!

  3. So many babies....makes me so sad.

  4. I was going to say: Congratulations on doing a hyperlink to that other post. :) And hope you are having a great day.

    God bless you!!
    ~ Ruth Ann

  5. Hi Ruth Ann,
    Actually Blogger did the hyperlink for me, it was absolutely unintentional! :) I copied the title to paste it into the post and poof! It turned into a hyperlink. ;) hehe I know I still need to learn how to do it by myself...

  6. Y'all certainly had a busy year! It feels like the years go faster and faster too! can't wait to see more pics of y'all.