Thursday, July 1, 2010

Julia turned 1

June 5th marked the 1st anniversary of the birth of our 3rd little girl.

We just went and had Julia's pictures taken. I wasn't very optimistic after remembering Mercy's pictures plus the fact that Julia has been sticking to me like glue lately.

Gracie wanted to come along for the ride so I let her carry Julia in and then we let her play on the floor while we waited instead of having her in our laps. I thought this might make it easier to separate her from us when our turn came. She played so happily, giggling, smiling, laughing. When we walked to the room though she stopped still in the doorway and then the fun began! Hahaha, I can laugh at it easier now that Mercy broke me in on this experience. ;)

She started walking away from the spot immediately, wanting Mommy to pick her up. I brought cheerios along to see if we could bribe her, lol.

Starting off so-so, eating a cheerio.

Cute face with cheerio in the mouth.

Happy face with cheerio showing! At least she smiled, Mercy didn't even do that!

Playing with Mr. Teddy

(or eating a cheerio off his nose - but hey, it worked and looked cute!)

You're sitting me down?!

I'm serious, Mercy must have told her what to do.

From smile, to uncertainty, to I do NOT want to do this!

I might stop crying if I have my finger but don't think I'm gonna smile.

I'm sorry if this makes me a bad mommy but I love this picture. :)

From then on it was just a daze of sad faces, we didn't dare try and move her again and do something different.

But I'm happy with my one smile, cheerio or not and the crying while hugging the teddy bear (who is a tradition for 1st birthday pictures in our family...only Mercy would have nothing to do with him) is priceless! ♥

For comparison:

Caleb, Charis & Mercy

Hope you are having a lovely Thursday!


  1. oh goodness, sounds like this was quite an event, Jenifer!

    that crying picture IS cute. and they did turn out cute...hmm. wonder what is going to happen next. :)

  2. So precious!
    I can relate, for when we took MS for his 2 year old photos, he was fine until the man changed the screen behind him! When the sound of that screen started going up, and the new one coming down, MS lost it!! We have photos of his with huge tears welled up in his eyes, and some family members couldn't believe I let the photographer continue the session! Oops...oh well, I messed up, and have photos to show for that learning experience!
    Sometimes we just can't be the best mommy, for when we try, something is bound to happen to prove we're otherwise! Right?
    Enjoy the memories, and better yet, ENJOY your precious children!
    They are or no smile!
    I SO enjoy your blog!
    The one year photos are all soooooooo priceless!


  3. These are definitely won't forget the day. :)

  4. Aw...she is definitely adorable in spite of the crying ;-) So memorable:-)

  5. Sooo doesn't make you a bad mommy to laugh at the pictures.