Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Request/Updates

Please pray for Hannah-Lynn as she has surgery first thing in the morning to Lord-willing close her wound. Thank you for praying, God has been SO merciful!

Update from Hannah on the kids.....Adrian is very sore, not really walking at all, and is wearing a neck brace and splint on his arm. His spirits are better today though! Brandon is totally back to his normal self with no apparent side affects, except some bruises and scratches. Hannah-Lynn has surgery in the morning to close the wound, and is very sore, but overall doing well. Olivia is doing great, and pretty much being her happy self. Patrick is sore, but feeling better, and I'm black and blue and feel like my soreness is getting worse. But I guess it gets worse before it gets better! Thank y'all for praying.

If you go to you can see pics and read the article on the wreck.


  1. Will surely pray...I'm so thankful for the good report...Praise the LORD for sore bodies!
    Thank you for faithfully updating us as we pray!

    Blessings to you,

  2. thanks for the updates! this is really terrible, but I'm glad they are doing better and hope they all get well quickly and get to come home soon.