Thursday, July 22, 2010


My girls and I at a friend's wedding last weekend in Georgia. ♥
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  1. oh, you finished the outfits?! post closeups please! by the looks of it, I'm pretty sure I want Charis' in my size! You should use these for family pics this year...just sayin'.


  2. Precious...I love your coordinating dresses! So sweet!

    So thankful the Walsh family is doing so well. Praise the LORD!
    Have continued to think of them this week.

    Love your new blog template...have been searching for a new one myself! Stay tuned...

    Showers of blessings to your sweet family,

  3. Ruth Ann ~ Yes, I finally finished the dresses. haha! The girls didn't cooperate very well for close-ups but I'll try and post some. I really liked how Charis' turned out too. :)

    Mrs. Gray ~ I didn't really want to change my template but I guess the host of who I was using is shutting down tomorrow and I have been browsing trying to find another one that I like. This is all I could find so far as I really fell in love with having a brown center of my page. Now I am trying to remember how to change the color of my words! :) Lordwilling, see you tomorrow evening?

  4. aw..I do love the girls dresses:-) Sooo cute!

  5. LOVE it!! The dresses are beautiful. I can't wait to see close ups.