Friday, July 16, 2010


We serve a merciful God! Here is the updates we have gotten so far:

Patrick, the father, they think has a broken shoulder. Hannah, the mother, has a cut up face and is sore. Adrian, 5 was thrown from the vehicle but appears to be fine. Brandon, 3 (also a heart patient) seems to be okay, Hannah-Lynn, 2 was thrown and has the deep cut on her leg but it is not broken, Olivia, 5m appears to be doing okay as well. Praying that no other complications arise. THANK YOU for your prayers!

From Hannah: GOD is so good!! As many of you know our family was involved in a very serious car accident this evening, and God has chosen to spare our lives. We are all in the hospital for the night, and Hannah-Lynn will be here for several days. But, as I type this I can hear three children breathing in the room with, and know the fourth is resting upstairs with her Dad. Thank you for your prayers! Hannah-Lynn (2) and Adrian (5) are the worse off out of the kids, but they are doing well despite their injuries.

THANK YOU again for PRAYING!!!

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