Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tip from Mercy

Just so you know... that when your mommy has a pound cake whipping up in the kitchen aid... and she tells you that your fingers will get hurt trying to reach in there while it's on to get batter...and you think that trying to use a toy tiger figurine as a finger extender would be a good idea...just know that it might not work...and you might have to tell mommy that you dropped a tiger in the batter...and the poor tiger would then need a bath...

...which you would be more than willing to help with...

...and even be extra diligent to make sure he is cleaned off well...

...see mommy?! ;)

And yes, this was taken on "one of those days" where every time I turned around she was putting on different pieces of clothing on from her drawers (and leaving off essential items like shirts ;P ).


  1. Mercy sounds like very FUN little girl. The kind that are always get into things, yet making you laugh so much! Absolutely lovable.