Friday, March 26, 2010


Agh! Ducking while shouting, "Please don't take a picture of me in my pajamas!" to a small least I still had my contacts in and looked halfway human. ;)

Hope your weekend is wonderful! :)
PS This was the only picture I had of myself this week to post, trust me, I would have done a different one if I could!


  1. It's a cute picture of you!!! I have a picture still sitting on my camera.... maybe I'll get it downloaded tomorrow, who knows??

  2. aw...I think it adorable of you:-) Your pj's are pretty btw;-) lol.

  3. Y'all are sweet. :)

    My winter jammies used to be pastel pink hand-me-downs but I am so not a pink person. So the hubs let me take some Christmas money and get a new pair. I got them clearance from JCPenneys and I am really loving wearing that aubergine color more and more. I ♥ my new pj''s the little things, right? ;)