Friday, March 19, 2010


So I had hoped to get a picture of myself with the children today at the park but of course I forgot.
So to be able to post I looked through some old pics I never posted and found a good funny memory.

We went on a trip to GA back in late June to meet some new friends. My mom and I drove up with all the children on Friday afternoon and then Charles/my dad drove up on Saturday after work. I'm still not quite sure how all this worked out but on the drive up I got stuck with 7 children 10 and under in my vehicle while all the older children and adults were in my moms vehicle. That was 3+ hours of little kid talk. Then it started raining and getting dark and we made a wrong turn and got lost. So while my mom was calling and getting directions I took some shots of all the sillies I had in my car.

Little Charles was my co-pilot and the second picture portrays my inner brain feelings at the moment, lol!! Although I would never trade any of my siblings or children for a moment - they are the best. :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. LOL! :) Sounds like you had the fun car!

  2. Lol. Love it! Sounds like fun trip, that's happened to me before too;-)