Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Spring?!

I'm such a bad mommy...I took her outside to take a couple of spring pictures and she did NOT like me setting her in the clover patch...but I took her picture anyway. ;)


  1. it looks like *somebody* wasn't too excited about spring. =) or maybe she just wasn't excited about the clover patch.

    poor girl. =(

    it IS kinda funny though...

  2. Oh, this picture of Julia reminds me of when MS was two and I took him to OM for a photo shoot. All was wonderful until the man decided to change the backdrop...the startling sound and appearance of the back drop changing was too much for my little guy to handle...he didn't totally lose it, but his little teared filled eyes and quivering bottom lip were obvious signs of his great concern. I tried so hard to help him understand the back drop was not anything to be afraid of, but there was no convincing him. We did the photo shoot anyway, and when I look back on those pictures, I feel terrible! He had big tears in his eyes, and a barely visible little 'I'm really trying Mommy' poor little guy! Their little hearts are soooo sensitive!

  3. cute! I'm a sucker for those big teary eyed pictures too, they aren't being hurt, my kiddos are just very dramatic! lol. :-) I wonder where they get THAT from. haha:-)