Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cure for Berry Stains!!!

I have to share this easy tip because I am SO grateful that it was shared with me!
I had mentioned to a friend of our family we have known many years that I was having such a hard time getting my children's clothes cleaned after they dripped berry juices on it especially. She told me that her mother had suggested that if the garment could handle boiling water to pour that over the stain. I have a very difficult time handling any kind of chemical or cleaner so I was excited to try this one.
IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had multiple times to try it out now and every time as I pour that boiling water over that stain it takes it right out! I've used it with success on blueberry, strawberry, cherry and elderberry stains. We went to a funeral yesterday and Mercy had strawberries at lunch and the bodice of her dress was white...what did she do? But of course! Wipe her mouth on both shoulders! So as I was enjoying cleaning her garment this evening I thought that I should pass it on to you all. Thank you so much Mrs. L!!
Now if I could only find something that took chocolate and watermelon stains out as easily and economically!
And here are a few pictures from our annual blueberry picking experience that I never posted last year. It is amazing how much the children grow in 9 months!

PS Many of you probably know that hydrogen peroxide takes out blood stains wonderfully but in case you didn't know now you do! I have been using it for years but just a few weeks ago I had a child have a nose bleed on my favorite shirt. I doused it in hp and laid it in the tub. Next day I threw it in the wash and dried it. When I took it out of the dryer to my *horror* I realized that the white fabric of my shirt must not have been able to handle the hp as it ate the white stripes of my shirt! I was SO seriously bummed about that. So, note to self, try to throw a garment into the wash immediately after washing blood stains out with hydrogen peroxide instead if letting them sit in the tub overnight. :D


  1. Awesome tips! Thanks! Oh the HP note, you can also use "oxy clean" pre-wash spray. It takes the stain out just like HP does only it's fabric safe and you don't have to wash immediately. Love that stuff!

  2. Thanks for this tip!! It will come in handy. I'll share one more with you... if you don't already know this. With grape juice you can spray it with lemon juice before putting any water on it. I've had success with this about 90% of the time. But the 10% of the time it didn't work for sometime still really upset me, so I try to keep the kids away from purple grape juice now. :) Anyways, in case you ever need it!

  3. @ do you find it for an afforadable price? I am sooo cheap, it cost so much for the one bottle I bought once and it seemed to take a bunch of it to get some stains out.

    @ Susan...that's probably why I don't think my children have ever had grape juice, man I would be scared to death of that kind of stain! Normally their stains come from them squashing fresh fruit on themselves, lol. But I will def try the lemon on it first before water. I love getting tips like these! :)

    Thanks y'all for sharing!