Monday, October 5, 2009

Mercy is 2!!!

Phew! Nothing like having the power go out while you are in the middle of trying to export/post pictures!!

I'm sorry to have been so delinquent in my blogging, I am trying to iron out a schedule where I have a regular time slot that I do it. :)

My baby girl turned 2 years old today!! I can't believe it! I have such fond memories thinking back on the day she was born. Ahh, sweet. ♥

Well, we had my family over for lunch yesterday and Mercy had birthday cake, boy was she looking forward to that. I was excited when I found pastel sundrops at our health food store (yes I am a crazy organic freak :P) and snatched them right up to make her cake. She loved it and I only caught her up on the piano once eating the sundrops off it before her birthday dinner. ;)

She picked "yellow" candles for her cake...she calls everything yellow. :)

Sitting with daddy

How do I blow out the candles?

Enjoying a leftover cake picnic on the front porch today.


And in no particular order here are some pictures of Mercy over the past couple months that show her little personality. :)

Teaching Julia school last week, she calls her "JuJu" or "Dooleea"

She loves her baby sister ♥

I know this is fuzzy but she and Caleb can be quite a pair! This was them playing with their dinner on the way to church on a Sunday night. :)

She loves to fix Julia's hair...she went and got each of these hairbows out and had me stick them on her headband. ;)

She LOVES to cook and is constantly by my side whenever I do ANY cooking and lately she has decided to try out the swing.

Caleb took this picture one day, I absolutely love it.

She LOVES slides!

She really enjoys Mr. Potato you can tell he turns out rather interesting. :P

I just love her

She enjoyed trips to the beach with her cousin Titus

She LOVES LOVES LOVES to play dress up....normally she has a soldier helmet on but I couldn't find a pic of that. :)

She reads to Julia all the time, I'll have to tell you how this storytime ended some other time, lol.

She loves her big sister Charis

She loves being a big sister

She is constantly working and wants to help with EVERYTHING!!

Working with daddy to put the floors down in the master bedroom

Did I mention the fact she likes to dress up?!

Occasionally we'll get an expression like this though...

Banana chips are a favorite snack

Little Lady

And BOY does she LOVE to sing in church, oh my goodness, she can't pronounce very many words but that doesn't keep her from making a joyful NOISE!! :D
And I had wanted to take outside to get some "I'm 2" pictures but she got in the way of her aunts and uncles doing the patty cake polka on my parents driveway Saturday and got some lovely scrapes and bruises on her face (as you can see) plus it's raining outside so it wouldn't have worked anyway...
Happy Monday from me and Mercy ♥


  1. Happy Birthday Mercy!!!
    I can't believe she's two already. I loved all the pictures and hearing about her. She is SO adorable and look like such a fun little girl.
    Glad to see you update. :) I know all about the schedule thing... if some things don't get on a schedule they don't seem to get done around here.
    I like your new look. The pictures of the children are really sweet.

  2. btw...your cake was sooo cute! I loved it!

  3. She is so sweet Jenifer! I just looove looove those blue eyes:-)