Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me :)

It has most definitely not been me who recently, whenever my 2 year old asks me for gum, will proceed to take the abc gum out of my mouth and give it to her. I would never do something like that and she of course does not respond, "oh, thank you mommy!" and go happily chewing on her way. :P

It was also most certainly not me that could hardly wait until it was time to decorate previously mentioned 2 year olds birthday cake just because I wanted to eat the leftover m & m's. I would not be that addicted to chocolate!

There are so many other things that I would love to claim that I did not do. I am just so eternally grateful that the Lord loves me despite my weaknesses and encourages me patiently to grow more in him!

A few good laughs can be found over at MckMama's blog. Y'all have a good night! I'm off to make a fondant bow (for a wedding cake I'm doing this week) while the house is quiet! :) I would definitely not stay up til midnight just to be able to do something without 4 youngin's awake...would I?!


  1. Ahh... love the gum story... so funny. :)
    Have fun making the wedding cake. I'd love to see a picture.

  2. Ahhahaha! That is hilarious! We all "don't" do stuff like that;-)

  3. Hey Jenifer, I don't have your email address so i'm writing hear, hope you don't mind..... The magazine that y'all got those Chou chou doll from "old fashioned stuff". What was it called? I wanted to order something from it and can't find my magazine, or remember what it was callled to look it up online...... Hope y'all are having a great day. Katie

  4. Hi Katie,

    The magazine's name is GVS, they are not online anywhere. Here is their number so you can call them for a new catalog.


    They are open from 8-5 central time M-S.

    My new e-mail is fuzzyheadedmomma (at) gmail (dot)com