Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Science Experiment

It's always more fun to do things with friends! So tonight we are packing up our science experiments and are taking them to church. :) We have been studying mountains, volcanoes, and the earth for "science". We are taking earth balls that we (when I say "we" I mean "I" with children watching) made yesterday. ;)

Peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips...a good start eh?

powdered milk, graham cracker crumbs and sesame seeds...

strawberry jelly as the "inner magma"

roll 'em around

chill and then cut through the layers to see the core, inner magma, outer magma and the earth's crust!

Then comes the style...easy! It was actually in the book and quite perfect for a small scale experiment!

8 oz plastic water bottle filled halfway full with baking soda, with foil crinkled around it then covered in a layer of modeling clay.

Vinegar dyed red, ready to make our eruption! :)

I hope to get a few pics of all the little kids participating kids can hardly wait!


  1. looks like loads of fun... ahh how I remember the volcano explosions; though I don't think we were 'fancy' enough to do red vinegar. =) Why wait to dye it - just go ahead and pour it on! I'm sure you're making great memories for your children!

    Oh, and I must say, the 'earth balls' look quite yummy!

  2. All the kids were running around with peanut breath afterwards, it was fun. :)

  3. ha! now you say "BRUSH YOUR TEETH!" =)

    Good times.

  4. Looks really fun. How did it all turn out?