Monday, September 14, 2009

Growing Up

Charis is growing up. She loves being the big sister. :) Her most recent thing (on top of trying to completely dress herself and Mercy) is trying to do her own hair and Mercy's as well!

I had a lingering headache Sunday morning that had lasted all night and most of Saturday, yuck. :( I was laying in bed for as long as I could eek out but Charis was on top of things that morning! I had done all the ironing the night before so everything was ready for two very excited girls, they were getting to wear some dresses they had never gotten to wear before. They got their slips, shirts and dresses on and buttoned, sorry, don't tie their own bows yet. ;) Got their shoes on and fixed their own hair! Ain't it lovely?

Notice since they could not find Mercy's white shoes she is wearing her ever faithful pair of "lip lops" as she calls them. :)

A close up of the "fuzzhead" and the "mophead" as their daddy lovingly refers to them. ♥

While they are doing great momma did decide to spruce them up just a tad (and even tie their ties, hehe). Notice we still could not find Mercy's white shoes before church but at least they are more appropriate than "lip lops". We did eventually find them late Sunday night once everyone was in bed on top of Charles' bedroom dresser, how they got there I have no idea!

I am so thankful for my girls. God has given me their sweet smiles to brighten my days for which I am very grateful. Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my, Mercy's hairdo is quite interesting, to say the least. I'm sure one day she will be glad that you intervened, and also Charis' abilities will improve as well. =) Ha, it made me laugh.

  2. Those are two sweet little girls. Suzanna and Ella do the same thing. Although normally Ella is pretty resistant to the idea of Zanna dressing her... every once in a while she lets her.

  3. Im finally getting around to look at these photos. TOO funny!

    They really are so beautiful, too bad they didn't get red hair. =)

    I love how the flip flops are between the wrong toes too...such a typical little child haha

  4. that is so sweet! Danny is 3, and we are having a hard time with getting himself dressed. He puts up quite a fuss! haha, I guess I babied him. Oh well, I'm glad your girlie is better at it! :-)