Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tree Hill Nature Center

I'm so sorry I've been neglecting the blog...I've been lazy. :)

Amelia and I had tried for a couple of months to go here. We wanted a change from the zoo but someone either got sick or had other events that messed up going. So we finally made it there last week. It was an overcast July morning so the heat wasn't incredibly intense and we didn't get carried of by mosquitoes (wow).

Here's the gang, growing up way too fast.

Samuel 5, Charis 4, Caleb 5, Timothy 8, Mercy 21m & Peter 7

Looking at the minnows.

Oops, sorry, I forgot to rotate this. Mercy is squatting, trying to copy the boys laying down on the boardwalk. :)

Amelia said, "Look at me!"

She took pics of the kids enjoying the science lab.

They enjoyed looking in the microscopes (or telescopes as mine call them!).

Charis gave Amelia a "look". ;)

Gotta be on the stools like the big kids!

Looking at the turtles.

Checking stuff out.

Timothy with a turtle shell and animal pelt.

Peter and Caleb check out the snakes.

snake skin...

A soft shell turtle, I believe.

About 5x a day at least Mercy plops herself down wherever she is at and says, "I hold her!" She did it while we were there. :)

We had a nice time and the air conditioning in the center was wonderful after walking the trails. I had gone here when I was between 10-13 years old it seems like yesterday, it's hard to believe that it's been 14-17 years ago!

Oh, and I wish I had had the camera out to capture this but I'll just tell you about it. Charis is such a sweet fluffy headed blond. :) After we walked the trails we walked past a cute (not mean looking) scarecrow that was about 4' tall. My dear daughter walked up to him, took him by both hands and started talking to him, she then gave him a kiss and walked on. I about died laughing cause this was such typical behavior of her. Talking to and kissing a scarecrow, that's my girl!

She even made sure to tell him goodbye on our way out...lol! :P

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  1. That is hilarious about Charis and the scarecrow. It made me laugh.
    The children have gotten so big... I really can't believe how Mercy just looks like one of the big kids now. Of course, Julia has grown alot too!