Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1 month, I mean 5 week old pictures :)

I had wanted to take some pictures when Julia turned 1 month but did I remember? Of course not! So then I thought I would grab some 5 week pictures, that's close enough, right?

I had seen a lot of baby and maternity pics incorporating blocks in them recently and I wanted to try it. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been and was scrambling around and I had a 21 month old who was being oh so not helpful! ;P

So here is how our crazy photo shoot started, Julia is making sure her bow is just right. :)

So I tried the blocks like this.

And then I turned them like this.

Then I turned her on her side and PLEASE do not ask me why in the world I left the blocks in this order! I didn't realize it until I downloaded them onto the computer that I had pretty much ruined the pictures. I wish I had caught it while I was doing it. :(

But I did like how some of them turned out.

Julia however got tired of it really quick!


I'm sweet.

Can we PLEASE be done?!

baby girl

I had no idea what I was doing...

She did not want to lift up her head for the picture.

She started to fall asleep.

I love the cloth diaper bump, it was challenging to balance blocks on it though. :)

In my jean jumper with the pockets on the rear end.

She konked out.


My sweet girl

j u l i a

little tootsies

Sorry to bombard you with not so great pictures. I just clicked away in between Mercy messing with the baby, the blocks, the blanket, the blocks, the baby, the blocks...well...you get what I mean! :P

I love her so much.

Boy, typing out a post one-handedly can sure take time...oh...and don't remind me that she turns 6 weeks on Friday!


  1. She's totally precious. Love her!! And I'm looking forward to holding her myself soon. :) Do you guys need anything for her?

  2. Awww, she's just precious! And the block idea was great-I love the feetsies...

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, Lord willing!!


    Adeline M.

  3. Wow, I can't believe she's already that big! She's so adorable.
    You'll probably see my husband this weekend... if you're going to the conference. I forgot til this morning when he left that he would probably see you guys. So, if you're there he'll meet Julia before I do. :(

  4. Susan, Since you hadn't said anything I assumed Tj wasn't going to be there this weekend, which I had been glad of for your sake! I bet you can't wait for him to get home! Actually only mom will be there for a few hours this morning (and she'll be joining HSLDA) so I know she'll see him. I however am leaving on a road trip at noon today and don't have a single thing packed so I'm home. Why on the computer...well, I'm nursing the baby. ;) Take care!

  5. Wow,your pictures are precious!! Thank you for the hard copy prints and delicious assortment of cookies. Do you have an email address? At 62 I havw my first computer and enjoying it,too.
    I need to know how much to write the check for repair of Haven Rd. I didn't hear from Mike Day or Charles.
    I can not believe you had time and energy to undertake cookie baking with your little helpers I appreciate all the love and trip to the P.O.,too.
    Luv U .