Thursday, June 25, 2009

Latest Smocking Project

These are a few pictures of my most recent project. It was a lavender micro check dress, pantaloons and bonnet set for a friend at church.

Close up of the bonnet detail

Dress detail


  1. Very cute outfit Jenifer! I was thinking "oh, wish we could see this on Julia" and all I had to do was scroll down to see her picture too! :)
    I love your new picture at the top too. So sweet... and the picture of you and Julia on the side is really good too.
    Hope you're doing well. I've been thinking of you.

  2. Actually, I had been waiting to finish the dress after I had the baby so whether boy or girl I could try it on them to see how it fit. I ended up having to rely on the baby doll since Julia decided to wait until after Jennifer G's shower to arrive. So that is actually Evangeline wearing the little outfit and not Julia, although she'll have some of her own soon. Been thinking about you too! :)

  3. Ok yeah, I see that... I need to read better. :)

  4. How precious! Well done, Mrs. T. Sorry I won't be there to rejoice in Julia's birth with you tonight... No one wants a sick Mamma to crash the party though, I assure you. :) (hugs)