Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Makin' Cookies

For Father's Day this year I had wanted to bake cookies with the children to send to Charles' dad and granddad who live out of town. Father's Day came and went but we decided late was better than never so a couple weeks ago we went to work!

First we made lemon snaps, a recipe we tried recently and really liked.

The girls smelling the lemon juice.

Getting to try one, I told Caleb he didn't always have to look at the camera like that...

...so then he gave me a nice smile. :)

Starting on the chocolate crinkles.

What ya doin'?

Giving it a try...

Look Mommy!

We're cute.

C & C

Miss Mercy

Scoopin' the sugar.

Making it just right.

Busy workers

btw, I did apply the powdered sugar to the noses, it's just too cute for pictures. ;)

So much fun!

First you scoop the dough...

...then...oops, you didn't see that!

Big scoop

She's saying, "Cookie!".

Rolling balls

Yikes! That was a definite washing the hands!

hmmmOur balls were very interesting.

If I hold my tongue just right...

...I'm sure it will make the cookies taste better...

...I think!

I was there too. Nursing a baby with one hand and rolling balls with the other.

We made a big mess.

But what did you expect?!

We had fun. :)

Before baking.


We baked chocolate chips one in between.


They turned out so pretty. :)

It was a lot of work but the children enjoyed themselves so much and we made some wonderful memories together. :)


  1. Ok, those close ups of the chocolate cookies aren't funny! They look so yummy and I happen to be so hungry right this sec. :) Anyways... looks like fun times. You are talented Jenifer,to be taking care of the baby, making cookies, watching the kiddos! The kiddos look like handfull enough!! They look adorable with the sugar on the noses and it looks like they were having a wonderful time.

  2. Yum! I'm with Charis... one for the cookie sheet, one for the mouth. :) Tasty.

    That's why I don't bake. :)