Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have names! And how we chose them for our baby :)

To preface this, Charles and I both like old-fashioned and traditional names so these might seem a bit strange but we like them. :)

If it's a boy his name will be ~ Isaac Morris Charles

Isaac is a name we have liked since I was pregnant with Charis and Charles is of course, after Charles. :) His father and grandfather are both named Morris Michael and although we used Michael as Caleb's middle name Charles really wanted to use Morris for his dad and pap pap. So if we have a little man this time we are going to slide Morris in the middle there. :) And I really do love the name.

If it's a girl her name will be ~ Julia Kathryn

Kathryn was a definite middle name to go with whatever first name was chosen since it is Charles' grandmother's name and he really wanted to use it. The first name however had us stumped. We had a list of about 7 names and we were constantly going through them trying to decide. One reason I really liked Julia is because it begins with a "J", and while I have no intentions of naming any of my daughter's Jenifer I thought having one that started with a "J" would be nice. But none of the 7 girl names had any difference in why we should really use it first (as we liked all of them)...until Sunday night.

A little background is since Charles' mom left him at age 13 and his dad lives 900 miles away our pastor and his wife have been Charles' adopted parents for many years and they are very special. We had thought that we would like to use their names somehow in naming our children someday. We've got our pastor's name ready in another boy name but we couldn't figure out how to use his wife's name. Her name, we thought, was Mary Judy. While Mary is okay it wasn't a favorite of ours and Judy is just hard to put it with another name. I had made up girl name slips to help us visualize them easier and they were in my purse Sunday night. Mercy was playing with them on the pew after the service and my sister snagged them and went through them and picked out the ones she liked. Julia Kathryn was one of them and our pastor's wife was sitting there and when she looked at them she said, "Why, that's my name! My name is Mary Julia." I think my jaw hit the floor as I had no idea that was what her name was as she goes by Judy. Needless to say, I told Charles about it and that kind of settled it. I just thought it was so super neat. :)

And so now, we have both a boy and a girl name picked out. I think this is the earliest we have had names decided on (I'm about 30 wks). And although it would be kind of nice to have another little guy this go round I am just excited that we actually were able to decide on a name if it is a little girl. And that the name is special and for a purpose.

So that's my little story and I just thought I'd share seeing how I was a bit excited. :)


  1. Hey, those names are really neat! I think it's neat too, because you're choosing names that aren't 'overused' and they are meaningful. I mean, sometimes I might really like a name, but it's like every other person has it. Every person is an individaul, but's always neat to hear something new. But, I didn't know that y'all gave out the names before your babies were's fun though. Hmmm...wonder what it'll be. :) If it was a boy you'd keep up with the order of siblings in our family. *smile*

    And, I wouldn't trade my sister Mary for anything in the world. :) She's so special to me.

    This was a fun post and I can't wait till the baby is born! :)

    Ruth Ann

  2. Hi Ruth Ann,
    We haven't ever kept our baby names a secret it's just that Charles normally takes up until birth to finalize on one. So when I talk to people I can't give them a for sure name just an idea. :) Oh, and I have nothing against the name Mary, my great-grandmother's name was Mary and then my sister is Rosemary, it just wasn't one of our favorites. :) I didn't think about the fact that y'all go boy, girl, girl, boy...I couldn't think of someone who had...duh! Are y'all going Friday night? I can't wait til the baby is here either!

  3. Friday night? to the skating party??? I'm pretty sure we're going to. You probably won't catch me on skates, but I'll be behind my camera most positively. :) [Lord willing]

    Well I didn't know if you were like my parents, where they never told a name till the baby was born, or the other. That's totally fine...I mean some people even wait until the baby is born to even think up a name. That's neat that y'all were able to go ahead and have that part of it all 'secured' It's also the suspense of *what* is it going to be...I know it's fun too when you know what somebody is having, but there's a neat anticipation when you don't know.

    Yeah, and our pattern of children is the same as mom's dad's family..[Papa] There were 6 children in his family, but we're all in the same order, which everyone has always thought that that is neat! [his mom was the one who lived here at our house before we were born]

    Oh I didn't think you were meaning you really didn't like the name...I was just a bit off guard cause I was like "that's my sister!" It's fun to keep variety though, like I said.

    I put up quite a few new albums on my Picasa account this morning if you'd like to look at them - some garden, some beautiful skies, etc..

    So I take it that y'all are going Friday?

  4. Jeni, I LOVE the names! Julia is so pretty and I've had Katherine picked out for a LONG time. Of course no hubby or I don't have to worry about actually using it. Funny you picked Julia...Sherry LOVES that name and was thinking about naming Garrett that if he were a girl.

    I'm with you on the traditional names. Charlotte is my newest favorite.

  5. I like your names :o) It's fun to hear what other people are naming their babies... we on the other hand are still deciding... it's a tough choice! :o)

  6. Ruth Ann,
    Charles said that yes we could go Friday night. I don't think it would be too prudent for me to get on roller blades right now although I love to roller blade! We were going to see if mom could bring badminton again.

    The right names will come! It's just exciting for me to have someone else who is waiting to find out. It'll be fun to see whether you end up with pink or blue. :)

  7. I love the names, Jenifer. Both of them sound great together and I love hearing the stories behind names. Josiah has been saying we should name our boy Isaac. I'm not sure why he picked it out, but he's been set on that, and Zanna was set on Jonah for a little while, but I think she's forgotten it now. Anyways, we have no boy name... I've been trying to think of it recently, but haven't come up with a thing. We are going to be busy with that if we find out we're having a boy. Tj and I definitely have different ideas on boy names, so it takes us a while to find something we both like.
    We do have a girl name all picked out and we've had it picked out for a while. So, we'll see. You should send left over boy name ideas my way. :)
    Oh, and Julia is on my girl name list that we might use, just not for this one (if it's a girl). :) I do love the name though and that is so neat that is Mrs. Pappas' name too!

  8. Susan,
    I think you should go with Jackson! :) I know a couple people who recently had boys and named them such and it is super cute, but I know that didn't go over too well with Tj. ;) Judah is nice but I think you said you already knew someone with that. Feel free to use Isaac, I don't care! It would almost be neat. :) Oh, and Susanna is on our girl name list but we hadn't been able to decide when to use it, but I think it will probably be a definite one for the future. :)