Monday, March 23, 2009

Ready for a New Home!

My sister's Shih Tzu Puppies are ready for adoption, e-mail Amanda at and mention you saw it here on my blog to get a special price of $350 male and $450 female. They are AKC registered with worming, shots and health certificates. There are 4 of each and if you are interested you would want to reserve one soon as they can go home as early as next week! Enjoy. :)

PS to all our friends down in Williston, if you could pass this news around in case you know someone who may be interested we'll find a way to get a puppy down there if there is a home to go to. Thanks!

Snooze Time

I'm cute...

Come and take us home!

Pick me! :)


  1. I'm not an animal person and wouldn't have a place to put a dog (and of course, I'm too far away...), but those puppies are so adorable. I'd love to just borrow one for a couple weeks. The kiddos would love it too, I'm sure. I hope Amanda is able to sell them all.

  2. I'm not an animal person either, and that type of dog really aren't my favorite...but the babies are so cute...they always are, aren't they? Baby anything, excepting snakes and other such things. :) They are adorable and look different than when they were first born and you posted pictures! :) I hope she sells them; although I'm sure it'll be sad for her to see them go. Maybe some of them can stay local or go to people she knows so that she can still keep in touch and see them occasionally. :)

  3. How cute! Yeah....I'm not a big animal person either. Thankfully neither is Daniel. I am allergic to anything with fur...or hair...or well, just about every animal, so that doesn't help much either. I would probably enjoy animals more if I didn't have the allergies. But breaking out into hives every day just isn't my thing:-) Those little puppies are adorable though:-)

  4. OH my, I LOVE dogs and I almost can't even look at the pictures I want one so badly. Only I can't have one right now. =( I'm bummed. SO cute though!