Monday, March 2, 2009

Prayer for the Lockwood Family

Awhile back I asked for prayer for the mother in the Lockwood family down in Mexico. Please continue to keep Jaynee in your prayers as she has now been admitted to a hospital in California. The details of her condition are kind of complicated to explain but you can read more about it on their blog . She has reached 31 weeks and prays that the Lord will allow their little boy to remain in the womb for at least a few more weeks longer. Here are the specific requests she listed if you don't have time to go over and read them yourself:

*Pray for our little baby that he will continue to do well inside me and that the Lord will continue to keep him there as long as possible.

*Pray that my bleeding and contractions will remain calm

*Pray for Daniel as he is managing the home and 11 children right now; I know how hard it is with his concern for me, wanting to be up here, yet having to make sure the children are cared for.

*Pray for wisdom in all the decisions needed to be made in the days ahead for both Daniel and I and the doctors Thanks for praying!

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  1. Hey Jennifer, so nice to find your blog here!
    As for your question about mailing the bows, we'll mail it anywhere in the country. :o)
    How are you doing?