Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First trip to the beach

Yesterday afternoon was so beautiful outside I asked Charles if we could spur of the moment make a trip to the beach. He actually said yes! We didn't get there until 5pm so it was still warm but beginning to cool off. The water is still a bit chilly but Caleb & Charis didn't care. Charles and I were happy with just getting our feet wet and Mercy decided to content herself with playing in the sand and watching birds and dogs. :)

Charles had the camera so I wasn't sure what kind of pictures I would be getting but I just loved this one of Charis with her reflection in the sand.

Walking out to feel the water together

Happy girl

Happy boy

Mercy was not happy that the waves were coming towards her and would not smile even as I was tickling her, of course Charles caught me with my mouth wide open. ;)

Finding shells and writing in the sand

You can't tell she had a good time can you? She was the one who got wet the most!

do de do

The distance each of them kept from the water. :)

Cute little people

I have a picture of C & C sitting here when we went to the beach while I was pregnant with Mercy. I love having one of all them now. :)


  1. awww...that's what I want to do! Looks like y'all had lots of fun.

  2. cute! It looks like fun, we haven't made a trip to the beach this summer yet. Can't wait!

  3. That looks like SO much fun Jenifer!! I really loved the picture of the different distance all the kids had with the water. Charis really looks like she was enjoying herself.
    Btw, you are looking great. I love that you update the baby bump picture there on the side bar. I really need to start taking pics of myself since I always love looking back at them. Anyways, June is going to be here before you know it! Can't wait to see what you have. :)

  4. Cute pictures! Caden was a little afraid when we went to the beach a few weeks ago, but it only lasted about 5 minutes. He absolutely loved it---especially playing in the sand. :)

  5. How much fun!!! You always have the best family photos. My favorite pic is the one of them all huddled in towels after their fun in the water.

    It's still a bit too cool up here in ATL to even think anything about water.