Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mercy's Birth

As this baby's birth approached I made it a point to finally get the pictures of Mercy's birth that our midwife took. I had some of my own (right now they are stuck on an old computer and I can't get to them) but I had always wanted to see the ones she took. So she sent them to me a couple days ago and I enjoyed looking at them.

This was right after Mercy was born (in our tub at home!) The fourth picture was me looking and finding out that we had just had another girl and then the last ones are her daddy cutting her cord. :)

Here Nama and Aunt Dee are holding her right after birth while I was getting dried off. Mercy peeked around and said, "Where am I?" :)
I love looking at Caleb & Charis' faces of excitement and the fourth pic is Caleb exclaiming his surprise at her "dark hair!".
I can't believe how little they both looked.

Caleb had waited to hold her so long and then he was like, "she's heavy!".
Mercy getting weighed and measured, Caleb and Aunt Cee watching.
Aunt Dee helping Hope do her footprints and midwife Sharon swaddling her into a little glow worm. :)

Good friend and midwife, Sharon, with Mercy.

The family with the newest addition with our midwife Sharon (and then student midwife but now licensed midwife) Hope. :)

My mom took the cutest video of C & C while they ate their breakfast right after she was born. It is stuck on that other computer right now but when I get it off I'm going to have to post it because they were just too funny!
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  1. Ah, the grow up so fast, don't they? It's amazing how something can seem like yesterday and then you look back and see how the time has flown by and everyone has grown and changed so much.

  2. Ah, great pictures! yeah, I had visions of wearing a shirt or something but about half-way through the pushing process I pulled it off cause I couldn't breathe. Haha. For some reason oxygen isn't my friend when I'm in labor ;-)

  3. Beautiful Jenifer! I always look back when the next arrival is near too! Looking forward to a post when your new LO arrives! Blessings-- Kristin