Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playin' in the Rain

So it's summer in Florida and we've had our fair share of thunderstorms and just rainstorms as well. In the wake of this tropical storm it made me remember to go and pull out these photos from a couple weeks ago. :)

It was a hot muggy day and C & C were playing outside, Caleb comes in and requests that I come outside and spray him and his sister down with the hose (all of our sprinklers are broken! how does that always seem to happen?). Anyways I told him I'd be out shortly. So, not long afterward I take Mercy outside and we get to work. After a short 5 minutes the clouds have rolled in and it starts drizzling. And then it started pouring! The children had actually already had their umbrellas out to shield themselves from Mommy spraying them with the hose and since there wasn't any thunder and lightening I let them know that God had taken over for mommy and they could play in the rain. Boy were they ever excited about that! :)

"I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain, what a wonderful feelin' I'm happy again!" Oops! Did I just say that? heehee ;)

Caleb was doing some funny jigs...he was having a ball!

Ready or not... I go!

Charis was having a blast as well but occasionally she got this look on her face of, "You know what? I think I'm really wet!"

I just loved the sopping, drenched hair-do. ;)

One very happy little boy. :)

And Mercy and I enjoyed watching and taking pictures from the cover of the front porch, although the memories of running around in the rain as a kid almost drew me out there. It was just a little too much for the baby. ;)


  1. Cute pictures...can I just say that Charis' hair cracks me up!!! She looks like she had a mohawk of curls! cute!

  2. how adorable! Danny loves to play outside in the rain too. Yesterday after the rain had stopped and Daniel had gotten home from work, I was making dinner and saw him take Danny outside. I went over to the door and started to ask him to bring Danny back in before he got wet, but then saw that he had rolled his jeans up so that he could just walk in the puddle. What a joke! haha! When he brought him inside, his pants were neatly rolled to his chubby knees but, his clothes were SOAKED. I guess he had sat down in the puddle at some point. It was pretty funny!

  3. How fun. You're a great Mom letting your kids play in the rain! Looks like they had a blast.

  4. what adorable pictures! :) I love their faces, and Caleb's jigging. :) Too cute!!!