Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Other Day...

Sorry for the absence. :) With the help of my sisters I have been going through all of our clothes storage bins and reorganizing and scaling down what we have. Big job, haven't turned on the computer for days!! Anyway...the other day while C & C were playing on the front porch I grabbed Mercy and the camera and headed to the front yard. Mercy hair is starting to flip on the sides, it doesn't do it everyday and not always on both sides. I had been trying to get a picture of it where it showed up really well but had not been successful...until this picture! I was so excited to get it. :)

She turned 10 months last week which is so hard to believe! Only 2 months more and she will be 1 Lordwilling. She loves to stand up and scoot around the furniture.

I sat her in the chair...

but she was more interested in talking to the dog who was out on her tether. :)

She absolutely loves Charlotte and Honey (who is our cat) and gets super excited every time she sees them. She starts squealing and clapping her hands. And when the cat is in the kitchen eating she likes to crawl up behind her and grab her! Honey has now learned to exit when she sees Mercy coming since she isn't the fondest of having her tail pulled. ;)

Still trying to get that grass though...

"I've had enough pictures! I'm outta here." :)

"Heehee, I'm cute!"

"You can't catch me!"

" do you stand up?"

Sweet baby girl. Now every time she hears the door open at our house she starts saying, "Dadda! Dadda!" and crawls off looking for him. :)


  1. Awwww.......she's so adorable, and her hair is so beautiful. I can't wait until HL's hair get long enough for me to fix! Can't believe Mercy is already 10 months!

  2. Wow! Mercy is already 10 mos? Time flies. She is really adorable. Such happy smiles and her eyes are just shining in all the pictures! ;-)

  3. She is SO cute Jenifer with those little curls and blue eyes!