Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Living in Florida

I've grown up living in Florida, I know it's hot and has lots of bugs, hurricanes etc. (which other places evidently don't have) but I love it anyway.

With Tropical Storm Fay a little while ago we enjoyed/endured many hours without electricity. One day it was out from 2pm-10pm! Charles has a small generator from when he did new construction and so he plugged it in when the power still hadn't come back on so we could plug in the refrigerator and a crockpot to heat up some canned soup. We had dinner by the light of an oil lamp.

Old Jedidiah Terrizzi

I think having no electricity can make you act a little crazy! ;)

Who says plastic spoons can't be fun? :)

It fell off before Charles could take the picture...

After we unplugged the crock pot Charles plugged in the tv and the kids watched the animated version of Ben Hur. We knew it was a bit risky to plug electronics into a generator but we figured our tv was already on it's last leg anyhoo and it was something fun to do in the dark with no air conditioning!

Thankfully, it looks like Hurricane Hanna might pass us by but the weather men really don't anything so we'll just have to wait, watch and be ready!


  1. fun. :) I've lived in FL at the same place for my entire life, so I've just gotta like it. *grin* Ahh, the adventures of life... I love the pics, and we've had several candlelight dinners in the past month or so. :) Fun memories, although I don't think I brought out the camera. :(

  2. I must admit I am a completely spoiled American and I love electricity and I'm normally very bugged when it's off for any amount of time. But I know that having no electricity in Florida, in the middle of the summer, is just very difficult! Looks like y'all were making good memories. I love the first picture of Charis... very neat!