Friday, August 1, 2008

Blueberry Picking

It has already been a month since we went blueberry picking. Time really does fly by! Charis had to be watched closely so that she wouldn't deplete our supply as fast as we were picking them. :)

Rosie doesn't like blueberries at all, not fresh, frozen or baked in anything. Without this motivation of yummy foods to eat later on really has an effect on your picking abilities. ;) But this turned out to be a blessing as she fed Mercy some yogurt and kept her occupied while everyone else picked. She found a tiny little grasshopper while she was sitting in the grass.

He was trying to convince me that he really was picking more than he was eating...

which he was a very motivated picker...

but they were caught red-handed! :)

We had a good time working together.

Aunt Dee was there picking too...

Aunt Margaret was a busy bee.

Aunt Cee kept us moving.

Mercy tried a blueberry...

not bad! :)

That evening they got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Since mom wanted blueberries too we picked for about 2- 2½ hours and came up with a grand total of 37 pounds. I think Caleb ate so many while we were picking and later at night that he probably ingested a pound of berries himself! :)

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  1. I love fresh blueberries!! Looks like alot of fun. And wow, y'all picked ALOT!