Friday, August 1, 2008

Pig Tails

Now don't get me wrong here, each of my babies have been a blessing and such a joy. God made them each so special, an individual and different in their own little ways. But coming from a family where bald babies are the norm it was an especially fun and unexpected treat for God to send us a baby that had hair this time. :)

I have been enjoying it and a few days ago actually put it up in pig tails!

Granted it wasn't all her hair up but it sure was fun.

And it gave me quite a chuckle to watch her trying to figure out where I had put the pony tails and bows. She is used to the one I normally put up top and has gotten in the habit of trying to pull it out. So when she realized she had something in her hair she reached up to pull it out and got this puzzled look on her face when it wasn't "there". It just made you grin. ;)

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  1. Love all your new posts! Cute pigtails, I know what you mean about bald babies, all the McClains were mostly bald. ;-)
    Loved the little things they say, good idea to write them down!
    Hope your doing well! Love,

  2. How sweet!! Thos remind me of the pictures I have of Suzanna's first pigtails. Mercy is such a cutie. She really does have a good amount of hair. I'm anxiously waiting for Ella's hair to take off. :)

  3. Those pictures are so cute of Mercy, and I love her pigtails!

  4. I must say your new heading picture makes me smile every time I click on it. Y'all look like you were having a fun time. :)