Monday, January 3, 2011

Name Poll

So, over on my Facebook account I did a name poll recently. It's a little bit more easy to interact there than on the blog and I thought it would be fun. Charles mentioned he thought maybe we might have a girl again this time but who knows, it 50% one way or the other, right?! ;)

So we have pretty much had the same list of names since the beginning and have just used names off of it. Not really any new ones have been added he just doesn't have a whole lot that suits his fancy. Good thing is though, I love every single one on his short list. :)

So the choices for girl first names were:






The middle name choices were:






Overall the most popular name was Felicity. (which of course I love love love)

With a tie for a middle name between Ann & Lyn. (I'm a bit partial to Lyn since it's my middle name, I would like Ann better if it could be spelled Anne but it would be after Charles' mom who spelled it without the "e")

I told everyone that their choices wouldn't affect our decision (when I say our I mean whatever he decides he'd like to use this time, hehe). But I would be all for using Felicity Lyn. ;)

What is your favorite?


  1. Jenifer,

    I love your choices of names.
    My favorite combo of the choices you've provided..."Lydia Lyn" beautiful. The shortened version being "Lydi-Lyn". ahh, so precious :).

    Can't wait to meet whom The Lord gives!

    His blessings to you,

  2. I missed out on this on FB, but I do love Felicity Lyn. I think Lydia Lyn is probably my favorite combination too though. :)

  3. well I love the way Lydia Ann sounds. That's just me, though. :) [and it's NOT cause Ann is my name, haha] But, I can see where it'd be really special to have your middle name for your child, so that'd be sweet too. Felicity is a 'happy' name - I like it. :)

  4. haha, I meant 'Felicity Ann' - LOL. I think I had read and then was writing without exactly thinking. But it doesn't matter, cause I know you'll name your child what you want to. ;) Precious names though!