Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been delinquent in blogging lately, partly to our camera having been misplaced for a bit and partly just busyness. I thought a good way to get back in the groove might be to join the 365 project. I think while I play catch up I'll do 2 posts a day until I am just down to one. :)

Below you can see C & M at a field trip we went to in December where they each got to make their own candy cane. It was very neat and he (Pete) uses all natural ingredients in his candy shop. The candy shop he opened is called Sweet Pete's and for those of you who know about Peterbrooke Chocolatier here in Jacksonville, his mother started that and named it after him and his sister Brooke. I thought that was neat. :)

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  1. Jenifer,
    The 365 project is so tempting! I need so much photography help! Maybe one day I'll attempt the effort myself...thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! I'm oft so overwhelmed with more than I can do, but the inspiration to improve and enjoy our photo blog sounds so much fun to me!

    I saw the article about this candy shop recently, so am thrilled you scheduled a field trip for your children. Looks like lots of fun...I am so guilty of not taking my children on field trips anymore... :(
    Katherine is ready to go tomorrow...ha!

    Blessings to your Sweet Family,