Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Trip to Pennsylvania ~ part 1

Hello Everyone, I trust you had a blessed Christmas. I thought I would finally post some pictures from our trip to PA, I'm going to do it in parts. :)
On our way up we stopped for a day and went to Mount Vernon in VA. It was very cold so we enjoyed getting to go inside to see some sites in between being outside. We would definitely like to go back some time when it is warmer and spend the whole day exploring the grounds, there is a lot to see!
Here is our little colonial family. :)

The White House Pastry Chef had made this gorgeous gingerbread version of Mount Vernon!

Walking up to the house.

The view off the back porch of the river, very beautiful but very windy!

They did not allow pictures to be taken inside the actual house but below is a picture of us in the lower gardens.

Look at this enormous tree!

George Washington planted it himself.

Then on the way back to our hotel we had seen a sign for the National Firearm Museum.
We stopped to see it and it was run by the NRA and had an amazing collection of guns and rifles from all time periods. It was very neat to see.


She was running around everywhere!

Charis having her picture taken with Charleton Heston, lol. ;)

Family photo using the timer.

At the hotel Julia was having a difficult time falling asleep by herself in the pack n play so she had to stay by daddy and once she was konked out then we put her in bed.

About an hour away from our destination and getting very excited!

Yay! We finally got to Grandpa Terrizzi's house.
Notice Mercy is in pj's, we unfortunately found out that riding in the back seat of the suburban in the mountains and eating snacks did not agree with Mercy. I think she may be scarred for life (j/k) cause even now at home when we go places she starts saying, "My belly hurts." and I have to remind her that she really is okay. :)

Making friends with Grandpa T.

Somebody taking pictures, they all wanted to so I can't remember who took this one.

The first night we were at Charles' dad's house these two ended up in our bed before the night was over. Thankfully things got better each night we were there. :)

That's all for now, I pray you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! Hope you're all settled back at home.

  2. looks like it was quite an exciting and full trip! =)

  3. The last photo of the girls asleep is so adorable!