Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just a post

Hi Everyone,
We're still here, just been busy and such.
Looking through the past months worth of pictures I have a bunch I'd like to share I have got to do a whole bunch of posts at once maybe and schedule them throughout the week, lol. :)
Miss Julia thought she would have some fun crawling under my chair while I was doing some sewing, sweet silly girl.
I was sewing on a little dress for a friend's baby shower. My mom, sis-in-law and myself worked together to get these matching outfits done. I think my mom might have thought I was slightly nuts when I came over to her house on Monday saying why don't we make these in time for the baby shower on Saturday but she hopped right in with helping me and we really enjoyed how they turned out!

We tried the little man outfit on Micah,

and the dress on Mercy since K's little ones will be very similar in age. :)

Mercy is just a wee bit crazy!

After we tried the outfits on them Friday night I went home and made a couple of alterations to the dress before we left for the shower in the morning. I am such a procrastinator!

We had such a wonderful time! We always enjoy getting to go visit all the ladies down in Williston. :)

I think F was a bit excited about getting a new dress. :)

Mandie got all sorts of little goodies to put on a diaper cake we did too.

Congratulations J & K, can't wait to hear your news!

My parent's suburban seats 12 but fitting in 4 carseats, 6 adult sized bodies and 2 child sized bodies was quite a feat! The back row zonked out on the way home.


My seat partner for the trip...I think she had had enough carseat time by the end of the day. ;)
Titus on the other hand stayed awake the ENTIRE day. He had not slept by the time we left at 11:45ish in the morning and did not sleep on the trip down, nor while at the shower, nor on the trip home, nor did he crash when he got home either! Silly boy. :)

Mercy has been enjoying dump truck rides around the yard recently, she'll take as many as she can get!

One of Julia's favorite meals now is spaghetti with peas, she loves those peas...just like her momma! :)

Mercy loves sitting with her Daddy during devotions...they are both goof balls. ;)

Charis joins in...

...see? I told you.

Charis requested we keep the noise level down as she was teaching her babies.

Well, I must run for now but I hope to post a bunch more soon.
Happy Monday!


  1. Your family is such a joy to see...I love your lightheartedness! I am also inspired (a little) by your ability to quickly make gifts to bless others with! Why do I get sooooo bogged down in just thinking about it?
    Thanks for sharing your family fun! I am blessed by your friendship!

    Much love to you all,

  2. Awww... I loved seeing all these pictures! The matching outfits you made are SO cute!!! They're going to look so cute in them. I'm sure Felicity was happy to get something too, along with all the baby's stuff.
    Ella has hot pink polka dot shirt and Zanna has purple... I love those. :)
    As always, the children are so adorable... growing up so much. Too funny about Charis and needing things quiet for her babies.

  3. ok, so I was looking at the pics of Mercy & Micah...for some reason I thought they were K's children cause Mercy just didn't look like herself. I didn't know the child had it in her ~ ha! She about cracked me up... And besides, her hair was nicely brushed and put up...not that it never is, but that I remember at the end of the day at the zoo she was looking like quite the mop-head. =)

    but umm...I LOVE those outfits. I want to wear that dress! Ok, maybe not, but I LOVE the plaid and love how the skirt is on the bias. Goodness, the colors, the pattern... what pattern did you use anyhow? and is that ribbon at the bottom of the skirt? it made it so cute! And the 'little man' outfit is quite adorable too. =)

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Mrs. Gray, I think my fault is to sometimes be too lighthearted and try and do too many projects! But I am grateful to be able to do things together as family. :)

    Susan, I had the hardest time trying to pick a color of those shirts. You could ask Gracie, I probably stood there for about 20min trying to make up my mind going back and forth over and over again. The purple was gorgeous too! If I had free money I would have gotten one color for each day of the week, lol! ;)

    Ruth Ann, Mercy does look very different with her hair in a headband. And it had been brushed since she had been playing beforehand and so it isn't quite as curly. But in all seriousness, I don't know if I've told you before or not but her nickname is "mophead" and she gets called it every day! :) The plaid, I know right? I've had that material for many years now waiting to make myself something but just never have! I guess the one reason I broke down and used it for the project is cause the little boy outfit was made with a plaid on the pattern. I believe you already have both patterns, I used Simplicity 4711 for the boy. We made view F but left off the pockets and made the hat to go with it. And then I used Simplicity 7120 for the dress. I made view F on this one as well as I liked how the collars matched. But it was my idea to turn the skirt on the bias as that's what I had visions of doing with it if I had made something for myself. And yes, that is that skinny grossgrain ribbon down at the bottom to mimic the ribbon on the little hat and I also added some wider white grossgrain ribbon ties on the dress to be able to adjust the dress since we didn't have F there to try it on while we were making it. :) We had such a good time doing it and were so excited how they turned out! If you enlarge the pic of just Micah you can see the little wooden buttons mom put on the romper that just were the icing on the cake. :)

    Y'all are all so sweet with your kind words. ♥

  5. wow Jenifer, what a detailed reply...but I loved it! =)

    I didn't 'look up' the pattern now but will later...I'm pretty sure we have the boy's one but not exactly sure which one the girl's is...but will find it. =) Did the pattern call for the skirt to be on the bias, or did you just do that? It just 'makes' the dress in my opinion! I love plaid on bias! Actually have some navy with white plaid {for winter skirt} that is printed on the bias a {long} time'll make a nice skirt one day {ha!}...just love plaids...and bias. =)

    and the wooden buttons...too cute. =)

  6. RA - The dress is another option on the pattern of the one y'all did for Mary that is hot pink daisies (I think) with the split skirt/petticoat underneath? Does that one sound familiar? It was my idea to do the bias, my mom was a bit skeptical when I said I wanted to do it that way but once done she agreed too that the bias totally made the dress! I love plaid skirts on the bias too, *sigh*. Wish I didn't feel so lazy right now or I could probably go whip myself up something, lol. Unfortunately whipping something up isn't quite as easy as it used to be and I always feel like I am sewing in slow motion now. :)

  7. Jenifer, same here, whipping up something isn't so easy anymore. Probably cause it requires extra brains and my brains are dispersed over more responsibilities now that I'm older. Ha-interesting conclusion, huh? Last week I made a skirt for Mary but I was just 'doing my own' thing, following no pattern and it was fun. While sitting on my table for weeks has been a dress I cut out for myself but I don't want to deal with pattern pieces, darts, instructions, zippers, etc... ugh. :)

    So it's alright. I guess if we really need something we'll make it...but I'm NOT by any means desperate right now!