Thursday, April 15, 2010

French Braids

Growing up as a little girl I always loved it when my momma would french braid our hair. Finally my little girlies hair is just long enough to braid. (And Mercy actually held still, w.o.w.!!)

So one morning not too long ago they both got their hair done, now granted, it doesn't last a very long time before it starts falling apart but it sure is cute while it lasts. :)

Amanda and I have been trying to walk every day. Mom has let C & C do workbook pages at her house so that way we only have to take the double stroller with Mercy & Julia. Normally J will doze off but M had gotten up a bit early that morning herself and was taking a bit of a snooze when we got home. And yes, it is highly fashionable to wear rain boots with your daily attire. ;)

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  1. I just had to say how ladylike she looks sleeping with her little legs crosses over! lol . This pic just made me crack up!