Friday, April 16, 2010


Charis is a funny girl, we just love her to death.

Her blond curly hair grows straight through to her brain though. ;)

Below she has an ice cream bar stick which upon having finished eating it she said, "Mommy look! I'm doggie and here's my bone!" (insert complete sound effects of doggie panting and licking the said bone)

When going outside to play she says, "I want to go play on the jumpoline!" (that's interpreted trampoline)

For breakfast she likes to eat homemade "bamella". (that's granola in case you were wondering)

And for bedtime she is very particular about putting on "kajamaz". (pajamas - of course! which sometimes happen to be an item of clothing out of each drawer of her dresser...I should take a pic of that sometime!)

And during devotion Charles was reading in Matthew about the parable of the wedding feast and how it relates to each of us. He said that God was inviting each of us to come and there were those who refused to come. The children were listening intently and asking some pretty good questions. But then Charles told them that God was inviting each of them as well. Charis got this inquisitive look on her face and asked, "We're invited to the wedding?" Charles told her yes. She then jumped up off the couch exclaiming, "Hey we get to go to a wedding in the Bible!" Like she was just gonna jump right in the book and thought it was such a cool idea.

(love that girl)

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  1. Precious! It's wonderful you can blog of these 'Charisisms' while they're happening. I've journaled some of ours.

    I really enjoy following your sweet family!

  2. that last one is the greatest...made me smile. Oh for the faith of a little child! Let's go to the wedding; I'm ready! =)

  3. Sweet... the last story totally made me laugh. :)