Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For Mrs. Gray ♥

Here are some pictures of the smocking project I was just working on. Thanks again for helping us get started with smocking, we are really loving it!

My friend's 3 little girls are very close in age to my 3 so I used mine as mannequins to help try and get a somewhat close fit. :)

The girls had fun trying them on last minute before we packed them up for the post office.

Charis was excited to send one to Suzanna ♥

Mercy sent one to Ella ♥

Julia's new friend is Makenna!

I told Mercy to turn around and show me the back of the dress and this is what I got. :)

Pretty pink dresses to send to sweet friends...

The pattern I did for Makenna's

Then a little bigger for Ella's

And the full pattern for Suzanna's...I'm glad I started the biggest one first!

Close-up of my not so great phlox's and the rose button closure.

And HERE are the dresses on their rightful models!

Aren't they ADORABLE?!

Her sweet red-headed babies are just too CUTE!

Oh, and I'm sure you've seen where this dress I did a couple months ago ended up. Evangeline is so precious and Ruth Ann took breathtaking photos of her! I was, of course, tickled pink or purple maybe? That her mommy put her in this dress for pictures. ♥
Thank you again Mrs. Gray! I have a couple more smocking projects in the works and I'll post pictures of those too whenever I am finished! :)


  1. Wow! What a gift. Those are lovely! The babes and the dresses :)

    Lord willing I pray I have a sweet baby girl someday to wear little smocked dresses :))

    In the meantime I will delight in these precious ones :) Thanks!


  2. You do a beautiful job Jenifer! And we love the dresses. :)
    Sorry to miss seeing y'all. :(

  3. Jenifer!!

    I can't believe it's taken me so long to see your beautiful handwork!! Awesome work...the dresses are beautiful! I marvel at your generous heart and hands!
    Not sure why, but I've had your whole family on my heart, so decided to check on you! Thanks for the surprise!
    I'm soooooo very impressed that you're able to accomplish so much as a new mother of four! Congratulations! I love your family photo. Ruth Ann does wonderful photo shoots! Your family is beautiful!
    I'm terribly behind on so much...blogging seems difficult to get to these days, yet I enjoy it so very much!
    Again, thank you for sharing your work with me.
    Bountiful blessings to your sweet family!

  4. Just gorgeous! Smocking looks so intense to do but it sure is beautiful!